Chapter 1- Return

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Disclaimer: Sequel to The Solar Dragon Slayer Book 1. If you haven't read the first book, I suggest you do so to get up to speed. So, without further ado, Enjoy!



It's been 7 years since the eradication of Tenrou Island. Romeo stood on the pier and gazed silently out to sea, his scarf nested snug around his neck. His Fairy Tail mark was evident in the same place where Natsu's was, below his right shoulder.

"How long are you gonna just sit there staring at the ocean?" Bisca Connell's voice spoke behind him as the female gunslinger approached him, a smile on her face. She has long, straight green hair that reached her lower back and a set of long bangs that framed her face. She wore a dark cowgirl hat with a curved-up brim, a revealing bikini top, a colored skirt and a pair of high-heeled cowgirl boots. She also has a set of armbands around her biceps and dark bands around her wrists.

"Our work is over, let's head back to the guild. If you don't hurry and get back, your dad will worry." Her husband, Alzack Connell joined in as he watched the boy. He is a young man with spiky black hair and earrings hanging from both of his ears. He wore a light colored poncho adorned by large dark stripes near its collar and lower edges. He had a dark vest over his shirt and his belt buckle had an incision reminiscent of a small, stylized sun.

"Makao asked us to take care of you...Romeo." Bisca continued.

"...Okay.." Romeo stated with a sad expression.

"Romeo...we understand how you feel, but..."

"Bisca..." Her husband warned and shook his head in fair warning. She closed her mouth and the three of them headed back to the guild in silence. A lot has changed in the past 7 years, Magnolia was still a peaceful town but the Fairy Tail guild has shrunk in size and didn't have the normal elegance that it once was.

"Has Romeo not come home yet?!" Macao's voice rose as he slammed his beer cup down on the table. With Makarov and the others no where to be found, he has anointed himself as the 4th Master. "Damn that Al and Bisca! They probably ditched Romeo and went off to party in the town!"

"Pipe down..." Wakaba snapped at him, a smoke pipe in his mouth. He was appointed to be Macao's adviser. "You're not a kid anymore, Old calm down and have a seat, Makao."

"I thought I told you to call me Master!"

"I've never heard of a master with a complete lack of dignity like you!"

"Yeah, well anyways..." Max said while the two of them were in a heated argument. "picking on people again?"

"Not like it can be helped..." Warren stated with a disappointed look on his face. "no work is gonna come around to a little guild like ours."

"Look at how few job offers we have!" Nab pointed to the almost naked bulletin board saved for a few parchment papers. "This has nothing to do with people like you who don't work!"

"C'mon look, I'm almost finished my new dance!" Bijiter said as he wiggled his arms around, "I call it, the 'Puny dance'."

"That looks disgusting..." Max said, "get him outta here."

"Hey, Droy...have you felt 'pressure in the earth' again?" Raki Olietta asked as she looked at her fellow mage.

"You trying to tell me I've gotten fat!?" The man known as Droy stopped mid-bite to glare at her. In his right hand he held a sausage covered with ketchup and mustard on a stick, in his left a half eaten chicken leg.

"Man, you have no self-awareness..." Jet stated calmly. "Look at Reedas, how slim he got!"

"Yo..." The artist spoke as he sat with his usual paintbrush in hand, "Well, I was originally like this in the first place."

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