#1 How You Met

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My toes brush against the surface of the water, not daring to put my foot completely in.

"Not many people can say that they live in Four and have never have been in the ocean." A voice calls.

I turn around to see the Finnick Odair.

"Well, Finnick Odair, not all of us like the water." I cross my arms over my chest.

"How can you know if you've never been in?" He asks.

"How do you know that I've never been in?" I ask, the smirk fading off my face.

"Your hair. It's far too beautiful to spend so much time in the salt water." Finnick smirks.

I blush and reach out a hand to meet his.


Finnick's hand grasps mine, his warm hand fitting well with my small one.

"Finnick Odair" Finnick says with his heart winning smile.


"Go get the bread right no (Y/n) or I swear!"

"Alright alright I'm going!" I cut off my father before he can get too far into his rant.

I grab the money off the table and walk out of the door and head to the local bakery.

The bell signals my arrival when I open the door. The case displays an array of food but no one behind the counter.

"Hello?" I call out.

"Yeah yeah I'm coming out. Just give me a sec" a voice calls out from the back.

"Hi, can I help you?" A blonde boy asks, brushing the flour off his shoulder.

"Hi, uhh Peeta right?" I ask.

"Yeah!" Peeta smiles. "I didn't think you knew my name." Peeta laughs a little.

"Of course I do!" I smile, District 12 isn't all that big.

"What can I do for you, (Y/n)?" Peeta asks.

"Just a loaf of bread." I answer, the smile remains on my face for the rest of our encounter.


I left the sting still running through my leg. When I hopped the fence from District 11 my landing wasn't the best. But I got out and that's what matters.

District 13 is my goal but if there's nothing there I'll just live in the woods, anything would be better than the abuse of living under Snow's rule.

"Stop." A strong voice calls out.

I pause, my heart beating too loudly to hear my own thoughts. Slowly I turn around and face whoever spoke.

It's a man, looks to be about my age. He holds a bow and it's aimed at me.

"Why? You gonna shoot me?" I ask, gaining more bravery.

"No but..." he thinks for a second. "Who are you?"

"Someone trying to get away from it all"

"You're a runaway?" He asks seemingly shocked.

"You could say that."

"Gale." He hold out his hand.

"(Y/n)" I meet his hand.


I wait for the new batch of recruits to walk into the the training center. Ever since I won my games two years ago, Snow forced me into it.

The group walks is full of cocky volunteers and lonely tributes all being sent to their death. All but one.

"Cato" I call out, drawing his attention.

"(Y/N)(Y/LN), I must say you impressed me during your names. Fourteen year old badass but here you are now, two years later. I'm honored to have you as my trainer." Cato grins.

"Alright hot shot. Less talking." I smirk and crouch down to spar with him.

"This is gonna be fun." He smirks.


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