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Chapter Twenty Four- Here Without You

I peeled in through the door, Tom following hot on my heels. "You're not serious are you?" He asked from behind me as I fled up the stairs. His voice was filled with so much emotion that I almost tripped up the stairs.

I gulped "I'm afraid that I am..." Oh god, I hope I'm wrong.

I turned the corner sharply and practically ripped our door off its hinges. I through my coat onto our bed, barely missing a, now alert, Timber and walked into the very back of our closet where a few boxes, that I had never gotten around to unpacking, lay.

I ran a hand through my hair as I sat crossed legged in front ofthem and opened one.

The flaps had been withered down to nothing and many things had been written in sharpie on the side. Inside laid the contents that I never looked at now, but had felt the need to keep.

"Cassie your scaring me" Tom said wavering by the closet door.

I looked up at him sadly, "I know, just give me a second to find it..."

I tore through the box until I found the light green battered folder I had been looking for. I opened it and flipped through until I found the, many years old, pamphlet.

I threw the folder to the side and flipped to the back page, almost sickened by the sight of the happy smiling people on the cover, and my eyes scanned through the words hurriedly; almost too hurriedly for I had past the side effects.

The Side Affects of Laser Eye Surgery

1) Glare

2) Seeing halos around images

3) Difficulty driving at night

4) Fluctuating vision

5) Dry eyes

Bingo. Fluctuating vision, one of the many side affect. Shit.

I shakily stood up from the ground and handed the pamphlet to Tom. He looked through the pages slowly. His eyes widened at the very end, where the side effects were listed.

His blue eyes looked up at me. "What does this mean?"

I shook my head, "I don't know; obviously something isn't right. I guess that I should probably call my eye doctor and find out..."

So I was on the phone with my eye doctor- who I hadn't spoken to in four years- for about an hour. An hour in which Tom and I had moved down into the kitchen, he was cooking something that smelt delicious as I was 'mhmmming' in the receiver while sitting at the counter.

When I had finally said goodbye to Doctor Anders, I closed my phone and rubbed my temples annoyed.

After a minute Tom asked "So, what's the verdict?" He had calmed down a bit once he realized that I wasn't crying or anything.

I looked at him and sighed, while brushing some of my hair behind my ear. "He said that it could be a number of things, and that I should wear my glasses until my appointment." The stupid god forsaken glasses that I thought I had been rid off.

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