I love you harley

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(Self harm and suicide warning)

The joker slammed his fist into wall leaving a dent. "It's not fucking good enough Harley!" He shouted at her. She stood in the doorway trying hard not to cry. "I'm sorry puddin." He turned to face her. "Come here darling." He said in a patronising way. She shut the door and walked over slowly. "FASTER HARLEY!" She walked a little faster and he grabbed her chin forcing her to make eye contact. "You're a useless pathetic piece of shit Harley." She was using everything in her power not to cry.
"I'm sorry puddin I love you... and I know you love me to you're just angry." He laughed as he threw her face from his hand so hard it knocked her off balance. "Who ever once said I love you... how could anyone love you Harley. I mean look at you, your ugly your pathetic your useless and I despise you. All you do is get in my way. Your worthless and I wish I had killed you a long time ago Harley. I wish you would just fuck off and leave me alone." He pushed her to the floor and barged out past her. She could finally release her tears. She lay on the floor of his office and sobbed.

He went into their bedroom and slumped on the bed. He held his head in his hands and cried. He hated the way he treated her, but he couldn't help it. When he got angry he didn't know what he did until after the damage was done. He had hurt her. He did love her and he didn't know why he said those things she meant the world to him. He just wasn't sure how to show it, and his feelings scared him.

As Harley lay on the floor she started to feel numb all over. If he wanted her dead he would have it as one last gift to him. She stood up with the little strength she had left and walked to the bathroom. She knew exactly where he kept his strait razor and all the pills. She went into the bathroom locked the door then opened the cabinet grabbed two bottles of 800m paracetamol. She then walked over to the draw under the sink and looked into the mirror. Her eyes were red and puffy her skin grey and dull. As she looked in the mirror the words he said echoed over and over in her mind. "Ugly... worthless... stupid... pathetic... good for nothing..... I should of killed you a long time ago." And everything thing else he said. One thing stood out more then the rest. "I never loved you... look at you how could anyone ever love you?" The feeling of emptiness and numbness overwhelmed her as she cut the words into her skin. She carved 'unloved' into her stomach as she opened the bottle and swallowed every last pill. Then she sobbed as she opened the second bottle looking at the words in her skin. She had dedicated her left arm to him. She wrote 'joker, puddin I love you. You mean the world to me' and other stuff along these lines.
She swallowed the other bottle and lay down waiting for the darkness to consume her. Waiting for her to finally slip away where hopefully she would find him again and he would love her back this time. Her head began to ache and she felt sick. She also began to feel sleepy. "I love you mistah J I always will." She closed her eyes and pictured all their happy times together and she drifted off to sleep.
He stood up and went back to his office to apologise, he was going to get help this was the last time he said these things. "Harley baby I'm so sor..." he said as he opened the door but she was gone. It had been half an hour since he had walked off. He asked the henchmen on guard if she had left but she was inside somewhere. He ran around everywhere looking for her. "Harley! Harley baby I'm sorry!" He shouted as he came up to the bathroom. He went to open it but it was locked. "Harley are you in there?" Nothing. "Harley baby I'm sorry! It won't happen again." Still no reply. "Harls please open the door I'm starting to worry." He suddenly got a terrible feeling in his gut. "Harley if you can hear me stand back I'm coming in." He kicked the door in and saw her on the floor surrounded by blood. He froze for a second in complete shock. She was only in her underwear. He began to notice the words carved into her body... but she wasn't bleeding anymore. He looked at her stomach. 'Unloved'. He fell to his knees and held her in his arms rocking back and forth. "Harley baby I love you! I love you! Harls I'm so sorry I love you with all my heart." Then he noticed the empty bottles. He put his fingers to her neck. No pulse. He was too late. He began to sob. He never cried but losing her reduced him to a quivering defenceless mess. At that moment anyone could of walked in and shot him. He wanted them to. He was begging batman to walk in and shoot him right between the eyes. He wanted to see her again he wanted to tell her he was sorry and he did love her. He picked up her body and lay it on the bed. Through his tears he picked out a nice dress and slipped it on her. He brushed her hair and then got into his nicest suit.  He lay on his back and pulled her so she rested on his chest with an arm around him. He wrapped his arm around her and squeezed her cold body. He reached into the top drawer next to his bed and pulled out a pistol. He looked down at her and kissed her forehead. "I love you baby. You are so beautiful and smart and funny and talented. You helped me through so much and I love you... see you soon baby." He pulled her head up and kissed her softly on the lips one last time. He raised the gun to his head looked down at the beautiful women before him. "I really do love you harls... I'll see you very soon." One last tear rolled down his cheek as he pulled the trigger.

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