Where Words Run Out

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What if I told you I loved you?
How would you reply?
If I said I want all my dreams to begin and end with you.
Would you agree or turn away?

If I said I love you, would I lose my friend?
Would you be scared and walk away?
Could I be good enough for you when I know you deserve so much better?
If you loved me back would you say it?

I want to know you better but I choke on words.
My face I feel it glow around you, do you see it?
I have taken a chance with love before...
I would do it all again just to find you.

When my words run out, will you fill that silence?
When I have no more dreams, could you be my reality?
When I say I love you, would you say it back?
If I have waited to long will you cut me off short.

I struggle with words and people...
Yet I would face them all to say three simple words...
Words that I have questioned to find if I meant it, and I do...
I love you!

More than the sun loves the sky,
The ocean loves the beach,
The moon loves the stars,
and the plants the land.

If I said it to strong it's because I feel much deeper.
If it was to confusing it's because I was worried of your reply.
If I ask too much it's cause I am willing to give much.
If what I have said is to be abandoned than I sign anonymously.

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