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h a r p a l y k e

i woke up in his arms, the blankets tangled around my legs, his fingers trailing over my hair, my temples, my cheeks.

it occurred to me that i must've fallen asleep during the friends episode we'd been watching. still in the "honeymoon phase" — as nova put it —, we were always finding excuses to spend the day together, but on a lazy friday night, we didn't need an excuse. it seemed natural for us to hole up in my apartment, shut the curtains, and binge-watch our favorite show.

but, it seemed, i was more tired than i'd thought.

"hey," i mumble, voice thick with sleep, "sorry. i didn't mean to fall asleep."

" 's okay," he says, smiling and skimming his long, nimble fingers over my cheekbone. "you can fall asleep on me anytime."

i let out a sleepy hmm, closing my eyes, nestling back into the pillow under my cheek. it's silent for a few minutes, until i hear, jupiter's oh-so-soft "el?"


"i called my parents."

"yeah?" that gets my attention and i weakly make my eyes flutter open. "how'd it go?"

"good-ish," he says, blowing out a breath, "we talked. there was some yelling. but they want to make amends. even invited me back for christmas."

"oh, that's great!" i'm a little more awake now at the news. "why don't you look happy about it?"

"i just . . . don't know if i'm ready to face them."

"we're never ready to face the past, jupe. we just . . . have to. and  i don't want to pressure you or anything, but i think you should go."

"i . . . i want to think about it for bit first. sleep on it, maybe." he nestles in next to me, pulling me close, my cheek pressed flush against his chest.

"i love you," i say, sleeply, half-aware of what i was saying.

a pause. then, "i love you, too."

we fall asleep what ifs and maybes haunting us late at night but mumbled i love yous lulling our tired bodies right back to sleep.

* * *

a/n: so i was thinking i'll do a q/a in the postlude, after i've finished the book. so if you guys have any questions be sure to post them here or the remaining chapters so i can answer them!


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