Chapter 14: Interview Training

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We are awoken early again because today are our interviews. And we apparently need training.

"Wakey, wakey" Wilma says.

"Good morning Wilma" Cato and I say simultaneously.

I go into my room to see Steph and the team. They have all of their equipment and are ready to go.

"Okay lets practice manners" Steph says ushering the rest of her team out. Manners 101 isn't that interesting. It's stuff I know but just don't use. Sit up straight, talk like a lady, eyes pointing to the speaker and then audience.

"Let's practice heels, they can be difficult at first, but you'll get the hang of it." she says.

"Heels aren't that hard." I say, a litter louder than I want "I wear them every year for the Reaping. Mother says we need to look our best when we bring pride to the district." I add.

"Okay then show me" Steph says. I show her my 'skills'.

"Other than keeping your hands still, it was very good" she says practically jumping with joy. "Since you were supposed to finish after lunch and it's only 11 a.m. you may do what you want. I will call you back when it's time to get ready to be make-uped." she says.

I leave and walk towards Cato's room. I watch his 'interviews' with his designer. I don't know his designer's name.

"Good job" I say when they're done."Garden" I whisper to Cato and we leave.

Once we're there he asks "Why did you need me? Are you okay?" he asks while inspecting me for any injuries.

"No I just want to be away from the non-sense" I reply. I lean on his shoulder and just watch the Capitol citizens slowly begin to enter Snow's mansion for the interviews.

"We should probably get going." I say helping him up. Once he's up I plant a kiss on his cheek and run away giggling. He chases after me and finally catches me.

"Now what am I going to do with this rebel" he says sounding a little like President Snow.

"I'm sorry your highness" I say and kiss him passionately. Once he releases me I run away again and again he chases me.

"OH Clover" he announces. I quickly open my room-door and enter.

"I'm here" I say out of breath.

"Go take a shower, you're all sweaty" Steph demands. I take a shower making sure not to miss a thing. I walk out of my bathroom in a robe. Steph begins to brush my damp hair. She does some weird Capitol up do that I don't quite like. 

"It looks weird" I say honestly.

"But the Capitol citizens will love it. Work with me here." She replies. Once we're finished arguing about my hair she hands me a dress. It is a lovely orange dress. It is tight-ish all the way up to my chest and explodes into what looks like either fire or a cupcake wrapper.

I walk over to Cato's room once my make-up and nails are done. I look down at the intricate design on my nails. They are just lovely. Wow, I seem so formal. Cato is still getting ready so I just watch them preparing him.

"You look great" I say.

"Not as good as you" Cato responds. He is wearing a silver suit and black pants. His hair is spiked and it is adorable. "Don't forget. You're a vicious killer" I add.

"Okay." he says "Oh yeah I forgot. Here you go" he says. Holding in his hand a box.

He knelt to the ground. "Clove Sevina, if we make it out of the Games alive... Will you marry me?" he asked.

"Of course." I say tearing up. "But not right away' I add "I'm only 16 and you're 18. Give it a year or so."

"Sure. I love you Clover" He says giving me a passionate kiss.

We walk down to the stage. All of the tributes line up back stage. it's in the same order as the Individuals.

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