Becoming the Teacher

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(Triggers: Swearing, mentions of illness and gore, death mentions, Jefferson's tomfuckery, argument, learning modern shit, and poorly translated French)

As I helped Laurens to the couch, sitting him down as he tried to come up from some sort of sleep, I heard a thump behind my couch.
"Burr..." Uttered one of the others.
"Alex!" Laurens laughed joyously.
Alexander, wearing black clothes, looking like a renewed man, blinked in the light. "L-Laurens..." He whispered, darting up and hugging his friend tightly and happily.
"God, dude, it's been so long!"
"Burr...shot me..." Alex pushed back and touched his chest, feeling for something. "The bullet wound is gone..."
I raised an eyebrow, "Burr shot you... Oh, right! I remember learning about your duel in my American history classes..." I shrugged.
From underneath my Christmas tree, laid a rather groggy Hercules Mulligan. He slowly opened his eyes and rubbed them. I walked over to him and knelt down.
"Is this heaven?"
I snorted, "Far from it, Hercules..."
Herc's reaction was priceless. "God... you sound a lot like..." He looked at my face and jumped up, tackling me into a hug. "Y/N!"
I jumped but nevertheless, rubbed his back and hugged back. "It's good to see you..."
Though I literally just saw you ten minutes ago, let's pretend it's been hundreds of years for me.
I helped Hercules get up and stand. He then plopped down on the couch, smiling at Alex and Laurens.
"It's awesome to see you guys again... You two have been dead for so long..." Hercules chuckled.
"How long would that be?" Alexander asked, plopping down next to him.
"Well, Laurens longer than you, but you've been gone for twenty or so years, Alex..."
As I was about to speak, there was loud coughing coming from my kitchen, where I saw Lafayette rise up and stagger over. "Mon dieu..." his coughing ceased, and he smiled widely, the widest smile I've ever seen. "It's been so long, all of you! It appears I outlived you...!" His accent was thick as he spoke. The other three laughed.
"Welcome to your afterlife, Lafayette... My apartment." I giggled, and he hugged me tightly.
"Y/N! Mon ami, where did you go all those years ago? I you say... perplexed." He pulled back, happily reuniting with his wartime friends on the couch.
I showed him the note, "I guess this might have triggered my arrival back here, but I don't know how it brought you guys here... You said you all died right?"
"Yes, Laurens and I were shot..." Alexander looked down, touching his chest again while Laurens touched his own side.
"I guess I died of old age, but I feel young as ever now..." Mulligan chuckled, shrugging.
"Pneumonie... I died in bed." Lafayette tugged at what seemed to be his nightly clothes.
"Hmm... So, since I had association with all of you, and you're technically dead," I stood on the tips of my toes to look over into the guest bathroom. Aaron Burr stirred and got up. "Oh, look. Well if it isn't, Aaron Burr, sir!"
Alex's eyes darted back. "Burr."
"A-Alexander." Burr looked like a deer in the headlights.
I tapped my foot as Alex started going towards him. "Boys, I'd rather not have blood on my floor, so don't you dare touch each other."
Alex sighed. Burr after him, but out of relief.
"Alexander, I'm sorry. There wasn't a moment in my life I didn't regret that duel..."
Alexander looked up at him. "I'm not asking you to forgive me for you know...shooting you, but-"
"Burr, let's just...forget about it, how about that? It doesn't really do any good to dwell on it. You're a special case, because if Jefferson was here I'd probably still backhand his pretty face!" Alexander laughed softly, Lafayette joining in.
There was a crash from the closet. Followed by what sounded like a hiss of pain.
I jumped and stared at the cracked door to my small storage closet.
I took my gun from the coat pocket. Lucky I still had it on me. I inched closer, feeling quite like a cop on one of those shows. I pressed myself against the wall next to it, the five men standing still and keeping quiet, seeming to trust my movements. I reached for the doorknob, swallowing and whipping it open. I turned and aimed my gun into the room.
Another person?
This person was slipping as they saw me. He looked similar to Lafayette in many ways. His hair was a mess, out of control. He was in his bedclothes. "Who the fuck are you?!"
Hamilton ran to my side, his jaw dropping. "Thomas Jefferson?!?!"
"Hamilton..." The supposed third-US-president uttered, finally getting to his feet and walking out a bit.
I lowered my gun, "Wait, wait, wait. How the fuck did Thomas Jefferson get thrown into the mess too? I've never met him!"
"Uh..." Lafayette rubbed the back of his neck, "it couldn't have been the letter I had addressed to him in my coat when you"
Thomas was taller than me by many means. He stood in front of me and looked around my apartment with interest and confusion, "What is this place?"
"Look, sir." I gained his attention. "You just died, and I guess this is separating you from your afterlife. This is a high rise apartment in New York City. You are in the year 2016."
He, and everyone else still seemed profoundly confused. I trudged over to the curtains covering a large window, and pulled them to their sides. "Welcome to Manhattan."
I could swear these six were toddlers staring in awe as their mother was playing peekaboo. I gestured to the view of Times Square a few blocks away. "And welcome to the 21st Century, boys."
Lafayette excitedly came closer, hearing the beeping of the cars a few stories below.
I really did get a score... as all of them stared all around, I gasped softly as I realized the floor was...fixed. The new floors were in place. How did this happen? You know what... The floor seems like the least of my worries now. I have six "dead" founding fathers in my house. I guess now that the floor is fixed and the mold is gone, I should go get my dog...
I grabbed my phone from the table and opened it, leaning against the window next to Laurens. I tapped on the text message to my neighbor.
Me: Hey, my floor is all fixed. Is it okay if I come over now to get Washy?
Vanessa: Sure, I'll get his stuff gathered real quick. Give me five minutes.
Me: Thanks :)
And then I looked up from my phone to see the six men peering at the device in my hand. I lifted it up to be level with my head. "I'll explain at dinner..." I crossed my arms. "Speaking of which, what do you boys want for dinner? I have a lot of stuff I could easily cook..."
Thomas' eyes lit up. "Macaroni and cheese, preferably."
Hamilton groaned. "Ugh, god no. I ate too much of that shit to try to get you to pass my bill."
His rival shot a glare at him. "Wait... you mean you didn't like it?"
"Yeah, and Madison didn't either."
"Seriously. How on earth can you not like that stuff?" Jefferson faced Alexander, towering over the smaller man.
"Because it's gross." Alexander chuckled, turning his head away and coughing, "Justlikeyouandyoursass." And he coughed again.
"Care to say that again, Hamilton?" Thomas growled.
They were both in each other's faces. I got in between them and pushed them apart by their chests. "Ladies, ladies... you're both beautiful. Honestly, you two, calm down."
Hamilton huffed and went back to looking out of the window, making me giggle. "I can make Thomas what he wants, and you can have something else. I'll figure it out when I get back."
I walked over to the door, reaching for the doorknob.
"Wait, where are you going?" Mulligan asked.
"Oh, just to get my dog from my neighbor, she was watching him today." I said, opening the door. Vanessa was outside her door, and Washy, my cute beagle puppy ran into my apartment. I giggled, taking his stuff, paying and thanking Vanessa before closing the door back. I felt my phone vibrate, seeing a text from F/N.
F/N: I can't come home tonight, just don't fuck BF/N in my bed.
My cheeks flared up in a blush at the vulgar comment.
Me: Alright, asshole. Have a nice time on graveyard shift.
I put my phone back in my pocket.
Lafayette looked so happy as he sat on the floor, Washy in his lap while barking playfully.
"How could anyone have use for such a small little dog?" Jefferson asked.
I shrugged, "I dunno, he's just cute. I wanted him, and no one else did. So I bought him and adopted him."
Laurens pointed out the window. "Hey, Y/N, what are those moving lights all over the streets?" He looked over his shoulder at me.
"Transportation devices. They're called cars."
I had changed into better clothes. I started making dinner, the others being content with the meat I had in my freezer, Jefferson enjoying the fact he was getting mac and cheese.
I passed the plates around, sitting down.
"Alright, men, I warn you. I have very little table manners. That's because no one cares these days..." I chuckled, taking a bite of a leftover fruit salad from three days ago. The fruit was slimy, but it tasted good.
Mulligan raised his hand, "I second that."
Burr poked the chicken on his plate with his fork. "It feels weird to eat meat that's been... you know, dead for so long."
"Meh, I bought it two days ago, it's not that old. Plus it's been frozen." I said, the thought of me talking with food in my mouth making the reserved Jefferson cringe.
I flicked his cheek and he gasped, rubbing the stinging area. "What was that for?"
"For being a lil bitch." I did double pistols at him. "Besides that, is the macaroni meeting your oh-so high standards, Mr. Jefferson?"
"It's the best I've ever had." He nodded, smiling softly.
Laurens cleared his throat. "So, can we hear about what happened after we all died?"
I went on to fill them in on many a detail about the blank space from then to now. Their reactions to certain events were rather funny.
Every time I mentioned something anti-slavery, Jefferson would scowl, and Laurens would cheer.
Lafayette was ecstatic that his home country was free too.
Most comments from Hamilton had something to do with his debt plan, Mulligan when i mentioned war, and Burr when I talked about the prime elections.
I was wheezing with laughter when I talked about the Great Depression as Thomas told Alex it was his fault, and that his debt plan was awful in hindsight.
After dinner I cleaned up, running into my room and retrieving a few sweaters meant for men in a varying range of sizes for them. I let them change.

As it got even darker outside, I turned on the Tv.
I don't know why it brought me pleasure to confuse these six men, but the instant turn it on, they looked at it like children.
"Want to watch the news? "I asked them, as if asking a normal friend.
Laughing, I explained how a TV worked. They promptly agreed to watch the news.
And so I turned on the news...
"Brutal homicide on Fifth Ave. The victim having been tortured  before stabbed in the side of the skull. Watch out for the Midtown Sadist." The reporter said before the program cut to commercials.
Alexander looked at me with a shocked expression. "How are you so calm!?"
"Relax, Alex.. There's another eight million people in the city, we're fine. I'm not scared of any crazy old dumbass ripping me apart in the night." I chuckled. "You're forgetting that I also have good locks on the doors."

I got no reason to be afraid.
(A/n: hey I brought them back in the order they died in. :) Jefferson died before Laf and Burr, but he was kinda just hiding in the closet)

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