Chapter 12: Individual Evaluation Prep.

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We are woken up an hour earlier by Wilma.

"Wake up love birds. Individual Evaluation is today." Wilma states.

"Can't I just sleep with the love of my life an hour more before being sent to a death match for survival?" Cato says, but I can't tell if it's a joke.

I can tell he's getting mad so I grab his hand firmly. "Calm down Cato" I say directed towards Cato. I turn my head and direct to Wilma "We'll be ready in 10 minutes".

I get out of bed and walk to my room. I see there on the bed, are my training clothes. A black and red ensemble and matching boots to. I get dressed and lace up my boots. I head out the door and into Cato's room.

"Are you ready. Hmmm. We need to get you a nickname. You know, like you call me Clover" I say now puzzled.

"I like Cato just fine, my little Clover" he responds. Then he kisses me sweetly.

"I've gotta change. So get out" he says jokingly.

I walk out of his room and head towards the dining room.

"Where's Cato?" Enobaria asks.

"Getting dressed" I say "He'll be out in 3 minutes max."

"Well can we eat? I'm starving." Brutus mutters.

"Why, yes let's eat" Wilma says clapping her hands. At least five avoxes arrive and I see the same one from yesterday. She is average height and has really pretty, sandy blond hair.

"Thank you so much" I say to all of them. They can't speak but you could feel the tension being lifted.

"Clove no! How dare you? We don't thank avoxes. they are traitors and they need to be punished." Wilma says once they're all gone.

"Well, I personally think it's inhumane to keep people alive just to torture them" Cato states, sitting next to me.

"Yeah! Why not just kill them or put them in prison" I mutter.

The rest of breakfast is awkward and silent.

We have waffles and fruit for breakfast. After we go down stairs and line up for the I.E. I am 3rd in line. Glimmer is first, then Marvel, Me, Cato and so on.

Once Glimmer is done she exits smiling and bursting with cheer. Marvel goes in and comes out smirking at the other tributes.

Now it's my turn...

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