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"If you value someone or something you let it go and if it comes back hold on tighter."

It's been two weeks since she told me those words. It's been two weeks since I last seen her. And it kills me, god it kills me every hour of the day. I'm trying to hold on. I am I really am trying to, but for some reason everything keeps slipping through my fingers. My sanity, my humanity, my morals, everything, and everyday I can feel myself becoming more and more gone. Every once and a while I feel like something is scratching at my back, I start bleeding from it sometimes. My skin? It feels itchy like I just got burned by a hot pan on the stove, I also feel like I'm being pulled by my ankles to the ground. I have to stay away from her, but I can't. Every day when she looks at me my heart flutters and my stomach does flips and her touch, her touch makes me weak in the knees. Everything about her draws me closer and closer and I'm afraid once I get too close she'll be ripped away from me. They will take her from me.
"Blake?" I turn around and face Ember.
"Oh hey. Sorry about the last two weeks I've been busy catching up on homework and shit." I lie. I lie to her again. But it's the only way to keep her safe.
"No it's ok. I understand." Her face says it's not though. I know her better than she thinks.
"You're sure?" I ask unsurely.
"Yeah but you can make it up to me by movie night at my place. Sound good?" The way she asks so innocently makes my lips twitch in a smile to which I reply, "Yeah sounds great. Something to get my mind of school."
"Ok. Tonight at 5pm don't be late." She says sternly and walks off.
I just hope I can keep everything at bay and not do anything stupid tonight.


I get to Embers at exactly five. Considering we're best friends I walk in without knocking. I walk to the kitchen and see her setting up everything for tonight.
"You should really consider locking your door." I say. She jumps back and drops the bowl she's holding.
"Holy shit! Blake what the hell?" She yells. I bring my hands up in surrender, "Just stating a fact." I laugh as she walks over to hit me.
"Hey! Stop. Stop. Ow! Ember!" I laugh. "What was that for??"
"Scaring me you asshat."
"Asshat? That's new." I laugh.
"Shut and help you dickwad." I walk over and help her carry everything to the living room.
"What are we watching anyway?" I look over to her.
"A scary movie." I look at her ridiculously. "Ok, it's Nightmare on Elm Street."
"Never seen it."
"What? You've never seen it?" She exclaims.
"Nope. Never. Not a big deal." I shrug.
"Not a big dea- are you serious? That's it. After this we are watching every horror movie in this house and finding out which ones you haven't seen." I go to protest. "Nope. You're not getting out of this one." I slaps my thigh.

We're now on our tenth movie of the night which happens to be Stephen Kong's IT both the 2017 and 2019 movies. We watched the 1990 one first of course. She went on and on about how the original wasn't scary, continuously giving me shit about it because I've obviously never seen it. What? I thought it was truly scary but she had other thoughts.
Chapter two was over and we were about to go onto our twelfth movie of the night when my back starting hurting.
"Ow fuck." I hissed. She quickly paused the movie, "Are you ok?" She's so worried all the time.
"Yeah I'm fine my back just started hurting. It's fine."
"Lay on your stomach." She instructed.
"Lay on your stomach."
I did as she said. She climbed on top of me and sat on my butt and started massaging my back. It worked for the most part until.
"Oh my god." I cranked my neck to see her panic face holding her hand up.
"You''re bleeding." She got off of me.
"Shit." I ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I knew she was right behind me but fortunately I was faster.
"Open this door Blake." The door rattled with her constantly banging on it.
"No. I'm fine. I'm just gonna clean this up."
"Let me help you. Please."
"I got it." I said as I opened the door. "See? I had it."
"Are you ok?" She asked hurriedly.
"Yeah I'm fine." Taking in her panicked face I brought her in for a hug.
"I'm gonna go ok? Sorry to ruin movie night." I said.
"Ok. Be careful and if it happens again call me ok?"
"I will. I promise." After I promised her I would I walked out the house and to my car. I hate lying to her. I'm not going call her because she won't remember me in a couple minutes.


"I will. I promise." He says. I nod and walk into the house. After he left I continued movie night. I checked my frequently to see if he called or texted. I click on my contacts and scroll, I stop at his name and I go to call him. I hang up once it starts ringing.
I look at the name confused. "Who's Blake?"

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