"granted, listening to you talk is rather annoying, but at least it isn't as irritating as hearing you whine and whimper around in pain," yerim flippantly comments.

he doesn't mind her coldness, and stares at his healed side in wonder instead, before mentioning, "you've done a very good job."

"don't tell me things i already know, young boy," there are no changes in her expression as she speaks. jungkook is starting to get used to it at this point.

jungkook nods, feeling a weight lift off his chest with the burden of his injuries gone. he breathes out a sigh of a relief. "...thank you, yerim."

"like i said, boy, don't thank me if you're only going to waste my time," seeing him not move, she narrowed her eyes at him. "what are you waiting for? head to the table."

"a-ah, yes. sorry," he mumbles, moving to sit down by the small wooden table, crosslegged again.

she rolls her eyes, and he watches as they flash to gold, matching the bangles on her wrists. "you mortals are absolute fools. such crybabies too, really."

'she must mean commoners,' he thinks to himself as he shifts in his position, moving to make himself comfortable.

as she seats herself down across the table from him, the candle dims even more, if, possible. a pleasant scent fills his senses, sort of like cherry blossoms on the first day of spring. he finds it soothing. "i take it you're at least a little familiar with scrying?"

he shakes his head, sheepish. "not as much as you think."

she sighs. "no matter," she puts his hand in a pocket of her robe, before taking it out. a pocket watch is in her hand. "now, take a few deep breaths. relax yourself. it's no easy feat to read those who are unstable."

he complies, eyes still open. the watch ticks, rhythmically, steadily. she holds his gaze with her own, light, a little lazy. his heartbeat slows, and he feels himself fall into a state of peace. nothing could touch him here.

she passes the watch to him, still ticking, placing it in his palms. her hands feel delicate as they touch his, made his body hum with a kind of approval.

"hold it like this-- yes, like that," she guides his hand and raises it slightly, makes him hold the watch hanging by its chain.

she leans back, sitting leisurely. "now let go, boy. and do not move; just stay where you are."

the watch still ticks when his grasp loosens, letting the watch slip through his fingers and swing back and forth. tick, tock. tick, tock.

yerim's eyes lazily trail after the watch, back and forth, back and forth. he hears the faint sound of bells jingling, water flowing. her eyes start to turn glassy, golden hues shifting into a hazy blue. there's a light, subtle creaking in the background, like the turning of a wheel, while wind softly howls around them.

magic shifts all around them; beneath the earth, through his body, in the air itself. magic is everywhere.

the candle does not burn out; the watch continues to tick.

yerim sees calamity. there is a clear scene laid out for her; a man crucified to a metal cross, odd symbols carved into the stone below. they glow a certain yellow, and the mark branded on the man starts to burn.

there is jungkook in the distance, running, running, running. there is fire all around them, orange embers, exquisite and beautiful, radiant. the sky was an inferno, gold and red and bold sunset.

the map of the universe flashes in her head. 'the aether kingdom, pallas athene,' she thinks to herself. 'sixth temple in caelum, yes.'

tick, tock. tick, tock.

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