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day 0: hayan temple, 1930 hours.

jungkook feels like he is floating. that is what being healed at the hands of yerim feels like to him; beyond his comprehension, nothing like anything he has ever experienced. there is a soothing warmth that washes over him, lulls him into a peaceful daydream.

he thinks about him and his brothers, under the light of the stars.

"what brings you to this desolate forest, jeon jungkook?" yerim asks him, voice calm, quiet, absolutely honey-like, and it snaps him out of his reverie, making him blink in surprise.

he stares up at the constellations in the dome with wonder. from where he lied, he sees andromeda, cassiopeia, and cygnus, as they glow amongst navy colors.

"how come they all have pretty names, brother?" a young jungkook would ask.

his second eldest brother would scoff, before huffing out a laugh. "pretty? you know cassiopeia's husband, cepheus? i'd be cursed to have a name that rhymes with a male genital."

his eldest brother smacks the boy up his head. "it doesn't even rhyme, you fool."

he shakes his head and the rest of the good memories away, before answering hesitantly, "i-i don't know."

she huffs. "really now, boy?"

"i didn't mean to find your temple, honest to the gods above!" jungkook insists. he feels a light sting at his side, but doesn't comment on it. "i just happened to stumble upon it, alright? i was traveling far, and i was bleeding out! i was just lucky."

"you found it exactly when you needed it the most, i suppose?"

"yes!" he agrees. "wait. yes. you're...right. do not laugh at me, see, i-- i felt a sudden pull."

yerim does not seem fazed by the slightest. "and that pull brought you to my temple, did it not? rather like a sort of, temptation?"

he nods, shifting uncomfortably. "y-yes..."

"hm," she hums, closing her eyes. sagittarius twinkles on her fair skin, and jungkook finds himself completely entranced, mesmerized by this enigmatic woman. who is she, really? what is she, exactly? so many questions that he does not have answers to.

"it seems like the temple called for you, boy. stars, i cannot believe that sneaky weaver is at it again," she mutters to herself, rolling her eyes. jungkook tilts his head, opens his mouth to question her, but she interrupts him before he could, snapping her fingers. the emerald in her eyes shifts, turning into the dark sea of constellations once again, and he finds himself staring into the glistening stars of ursa major.

yerim leans into him, and he backs up, surprised; her carmine tresses soon changes into sapphire locks, while his breaths remain loud in his ears.

seeing her up close like this allowed him to take in all her smallest details— she smells like smoke and fresh roses, for one (odd mixture, really). her skin is actually sparkling, in the way it glitters under the light; it makes him want to reach out and touch it. there are small moonstones under her eyes, serving as eye-pleasing decoration.

he clears his throat, cheeks turning red. "u-uh...e-excuse me...?"

she remains emotionless as she stares at him, before backing up, returning to her initial position. as if all that never happened, she states monotonously, "the healing is done. your side should be perfectly alright now. your other wounds are healed as well."

he furrows his brows, confusion clouding his mind for a split moment. "but-- isn't healing supposed to hurt?"

her expression doesn't change. realization kicks in, a feeling akin to being doused with cold water. "you conversed with me to distract me from the pain," jungkook answers for her, to which she nods.

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