Chapter - 1

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Zoya's POV


My mom shouted from downstairs to wake me up but I am not at all a morning person. It takes my full energy to get up for my fajar salah.

Zoya beta get up fast....we have to go to see a girl today for your bhai!!!! Do you remember that?? Mom shouted and I immediately got up.

How can I forget I have to go to see my bhabi today.....ya I know she is not my bhabi yet but she may become.

I hurriedly went to the washroom and started doing my daily routine. After taking a hot shower I wore a simple purple coloured long floor length dress. The upper part and it's sleeves is in pink colour. I hurriedly applied some eyeliner, kajal and lip gloss.

 I hurriedly applied some eyeliner, kajal and lip gloss

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Zoya!!!! Are you ready?? mom called.

Yes mom just coming. I quickly wrapped my purple coloured hijab and pinned it properly over my head. I went downstairs and saw my whole family were ready to go.

Assalamwalaikum. I said as I entered the room.

Waalaikumsalam. They replied in union.

Mashallah my daughter is looking beautiful. My dad said looking at me.

Thank you so much dad. I thanked him.

Zoya...I hope you remember that we are going to see our future bhabi not my future jiju(sister's husband). Imran bhai said to tease me.

Bhai !!! I shouted and everyone started laughing.

Ok now enough.... we should leave. Dad said and we all nodded.

Fahaad bhai. Are you nervous? I asked. not...come let's go. He said trying to hide his nervousness but failed miserably.

I smiled to myself and followed my brothers towards the car. As I am the only sister of them I am treated as a princess. They both are very protective towards me.

Soon we left our house and drove towards Bhabi's house.

Mom I hope you will not reject have already rejected many proposal. I said from the back seat. Fahaad bhai poked me in my arms and passed me a "keep-your-mouth-shut" look.

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