Chapter 1 - Welcome to Sydney: Year 2100.

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Welcome to Sydney: Year 2100

It was Monday, in August, on a freezing cold, grey winter sky morning. I was walking to school, with my sister, Susan. My name is Vince, and I'm a punk, I listen to hard-core punk music, with splashes of metal, and industrial. My black hair slightly spiked at the back, and a bit of fringe, hanging over the left side of my face. It reflected the little sun that shone through the thick layer of cloud, and dust. My eyes, are a sky blue, and mirror the surroundings. Susan, looked very much like me, expected considering we have the same parents.

Our uniform was white with dark and light blue shirts, and grey shorts, or dark blue skirts for the girls. Our formal uniform, which Susan was dressed in, was a white button up shirt or blouse, with Grey shorts or dark blue skirts for the girls. Seniors had to wear ties. Fortunately, for us, we weren’t seniors yet, because I hate wearing suits and ties.

I was kicking rocks as I walked, in deep thought. I was thinking, today is the day I'm going to tell Lucy, how I feel about her. We walked past the LED street signs that read “Forsyth St,” in one direction and the other it read “Avon St,” that ran off solar batteries, and shone brightly in the overcast light. These types of signs could be found on the corner of every street, in the city of Sydney. Well, in the parts of the city are left standing. We heard the 9:00am, school bell ring, as we walked down Avon Street. We were running late, all because Susan had taken two hours in the shower.

We stopped in at Lucy’s, which was along the way, down on Ferry Road, not far from our school. I was about to knock on the front door, when I heard her father going off his head at her. “Your worthless, Lucille. I hope the mutants, take you,” her father, Craig said, as she walked out the door, in her formal uniform. Her black hair glistened, with the glitter she wore. Craig, was dressed in his work clothes, and had dark hair and eyes like, Lucy does. He was of Middle Eastern decent, but he wasn't Islamic or even Christian, for that matter. He did also have some slight stubble around his mouth. He and I actually got along amazingly well.

“Up yours to, Dad,” She turned to reply, giving him the middle finger, as she walked out. She knew after school, she was going to pay for it, but she didn’t care. Lucy also had a Greek background, which she inherited from her mother. She had long black hair that stopped at her shoulder blades of her petite figure. She had dark brown eyes that could either pierce through you or astound you. Her lips were cherry red with the lipstick she wore.

“You okay?” I asked, with deep concern in my voice. “What happened?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. You know, just the usual,” She replied, trying to put on her happy face, as her feet scraped along the pavement, “Nothing I can't handle.”

“He shouldn't talk to like that,” I said, the school gate now in our line of sight. “You're anything, but worthless.”

“Thanks Vince and I know, I won’t have to put up much longer,” she replied, lightly laughing. “But hey, think on the bright side, right? At the end of next year, we'll be getting ready to go Uni together.” Her voice showed, that she was cheering up just being out of that house, “So it's all good, I get free food, and free accommodation, in the meanwhile.”

We stop on the corner, to let five military vehicles go by, towards the city centre. “Let’s skip school today, and see what’s going on?” I said anxiously.

“I don’t think that’s wise bro,” Susan said, with slight hesitation, punching my arm. It didn’t hurt but I felt a strange surge of electricity, run through my body. I didn’t think much of it, and just kept walking. “But either way you can, I need to go to school; I have plans for my future.”

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