Chapter Four- A Blued Eyed Shirtless Idiot

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Chapter Four- A Blue Eyed Shirtless Idiot

June 5th: Waning Gibbous

    I must have gone to heaven and back just staring at the boy, well that was until he opened his idiotic mouth and ruined everything for me. Honestly, I could have just stayed there and stared at him all my life, feeling like heaven but instead this world had other plans for me.

    "So if you're that nudest girl," he said, once again bringing into play the awful incident, "why aren't you naked right now?"

    I was seriouslys starting to wonder where boys came up with this kind of stuff. Did they just get together or something and come up with the most stupid comments they could say to a girl? It's was really starting to seem like it, making me wonder why I hadn't already starting begging Dylan and Andy to take me back to Simone's. Now I was going to be forced to explain once again to these dumb-asses that I was in fact not a nudest, but rather a victim to an unfortunate memory loss.

    Although seeing as he was the one technically wearing the least amount of clothes, I said, "Look who's talking, what's with you and not wearing a shirt? If I weren't so annoyed by your question I might have thought you were the nudest around here."

    Dylan and Andy started giving me wild gestures that were practically insane as they silently told me to stop. I didn't see what the problem was with asking this annoying boy what his issue with shirts so I continued on staring him down. Silence radiated throughout the room as everyone waited for an answer, seconds later getting it in the form of an ice breaking laugh. The blue eyed, shirtless, idiot was now laughing so hard I thought I was going to scream. Had I said something funny to him?

    "I have a problem with shirts," he finally managed before breaking off into more laughter. Even the other guys, save Mister Creepy Stare guy next to Blue Eyes, were tuning in with him now.

    "I'd like to go home, " I finally said, grabbing up my shoes that I'd taken off and hastily putting them back on my feet. "So, Dylan and Andy if you don't mind."

    Blue Eyes though took that moment to intervene, saying, "I can drive you home."

    Like hell I was going to let him of all people drive me home. Obviously, it had been a huge mistake coming here in the first place and now the possibilty of getting raped was ever present. Who knew what weird Blue Eyes would do to me if given the chance to be alone with me in a car. At least I'd gotten to know Dylan and Andy a bit, but Blue Eyes instantly screamed womanizer in my head.

    Thankfully the rest of the guys in the room pulled up a protest, saying, "You just got here man, you can't leave yet." Or my favorite one of all, "Let the chic walk herself home if she wants to leave that bad."

    My eyes instantly fell to Mister Creepy Stare who had barely mumbled the sentence, but it was still loud enough that I could hear him. His eyes turned away from me the moment I turned to look, but I could tell he was trying the best he could not to glance at me in his peripheral vision.

    "I can take her home and then come right back, no problems," said Blue Eyes, eyeing me like a zoo animal. At the weight of his stare I was starting to feel self-conscious, wishing that Dylan and Andy would just come to my rescue. They were too excited with the prospect of not having to drive me back home to care though.

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