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Some days I'm happy
Some days I'm sad
Then there are some days
When I don't feel anything
I feel alone
I speak with silence
I don't really need anyone
It's good to be alone
To be able to look back
To be able to give up ua virtual world
Just for a day
You feel Alive
You feel safe
You can, for once know yourself
You don't need to care about others
Just being YOU
Even if for one whole day
No baggage to carry
No people to judge you
There's no one to correct you
No need to be Perfect
Pretending all's well
When everything's really unwell
As you just feel gawked upon
None to be intimidated from
You grow within those few moments
Just maturing enough to face the next day
You get brave
There's no one you must crave
Everyone searches Happiness
In things and people
Searching for their soul
Everywhere when it's hidden within you
Yes, it's YOU!
Ever tried looking at yourself
You are beautiful within
You don't need anyone or anything
To tell you that you're beautiful
Remind yourself everyday
It's You who matters at the end
Silence is bliss
It's enjoyable just as your first kiss
Just being alone
With all your tensions gone
The only sound you hear
Is the beating of your heart
There's nothing suffocating you
No one's worthy of your tears
You can overcome all your fears
All this, with just being you
So, always be You
No worries, no insecurities
No nothing
Just You
Find solace within you
Be your own king
And fear not a thing
Live life with none but you
Care first about you
Then only can you care about the rest few
Embrace your flaws with open arms
Don't give a damn about other's qualms!
You can never be Perfect
But you can always be 'You' in your own sect!

Thats it for today.

Be You,

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