Chapter 17

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     Well ...uh where do i begin. I'm reincarnated and i uh well uh yeah . Anyways it's been exactly 8 months since me and Natsu's official break up and well yeah . I've had my fair share of hate because of it . But whatever i seriously didn't need anymore Drama in my life . Honestly , could anyone really understand my current situation with him no . But they could be a little bit less hateful .

   As the months passed by I realized I needed to not move on but put or set my feelings on pause for him . As in my feelings for him . There is absoloutely no need for any of the cliche love story moments . At least not in this story . But along the bad times i also have some good times . I have a job now . I work as a house maid for cleaning different houses every certain days of the week .

   That's not all . The payment is great . Since I clean big houses sometimes even masions they give me about $100.00 maybe $150.00 if they're really nice they give me straight off $200.00 so you can kinda say I work study . Which actually helps me since I wanna go to college . 


I hear it's alot of money to pay to the college I at least wanna apply to . Which is Harvosen's University for G.O.O.P'S which stands for Geniouses Of Official Proffessions . It's alot of hard work but all the students that study there are the best of the best  . Even famous actors have studied there . Including singers too, you basically start off their career once you enter that college . But only the best of the best get accepted .

Lots of people apply but only a few can get in . You're lucky if you even end up on the wait list that they have . Which is if a student decides to leave or if there's space for a few more students they check the list and depending on the scores you have the computer picks 15 of the most highest score people . Trust me when I tell you it's spine chilling . It even gives goosebumps just hearing about it .

   Enough of that . I'm currently doing my Math oral report that is due for next Friday . I'm trying to put as much interesting info in the topic the teacher gave us . Which is actually kind of helpful since depending on the topic he'll give you a seperate sheet of paper with some of the basic and most important information about it and refferences of where you can find the most logical information about it .

As I'm finishing the last sentence Lyon throws himself on my bed . I sigh tiredly . He's been a whole lot of annoying these last few days since tonight is the full moon and his emotions are hightened to the top of the roof . Maybe even a bit more . Plus tonight is his first actual full fasing into what he really is completely . He even gets more sentimental than a pregnant woman . But more agressiveness too .

Which I have to be careful with sometimes it could get out of hand . And that's not a good thing . He could easily lose it for a moment and hurt me . Or at least that's what he says . I'm not afraid of him or what he could do to me . I could care less . I care about him and his safety . Rumor has it a hunter is in town . Not just any hunter a 'monster hunter' . Which isn't good for any of us .

Yes us . I know about their world which Lyon says puts me in an even bigger risk than all of them . Because he can easily use me as bait to get to them. But it doesn't matter . He's my best friend ...with some sort of feelings but still best friend .

"Knock . Knock. " I feel Lyon walk into my room and put his hands on my shoulders rubbing them soothingly . I sigh relaxing a little . "Via you're quite tense . " I nod my head , leaning back against my seat . "So much homework and studying i feel like it's a lot for me to do  since i still have to finish that report on why teenagers drink . " I say already exhausted just thinking about it .

He continues to rub my shoulders . "Well I was thinking of taking you out to the fair tonight . What do you say? " he asks me . I smile . "Yes that would be lovely . " I say my eyes slightly twinkling . To be honest I needed this break . I need some time off of everything and just relax for the time being . School and drama can wait at least a bit .

"Great be ready by 7:30 pm . I have to go do some stuff I'll see you tonight . " He leans down and gives me a kiss beside the lips . Yes he's been doing it alot recently . I sigh when he leaves and I go to my phone and look at my old pictures . I find one where it was me and Natsu kissing on his bed laying down comfortably . I kinda miss those days . But I'm not gonna cry because it's over . I'm gonna smile because it happened .

I suddenly feel like someone's watching me . I turn around slightly and take a hold of my sorroundings . Nothing...that's weird. Besides the fact that  it's weird it's also creepy for all I know someone could be stalking me . 'No no Juvia , no one is stalking you.' I reassured myself in my head .

"You should really reconsider that thought and be more observant ,before assuring  to yourself that it isn't true . " Someone says from behind me .

I turn around to see ...

Well that's it for this chapter I'm sorry for not updating in soooooo long I've just been busy with my finals and my winter break but I wish you all a late merry Christmas and a slight early happy new year hope it's going well for all of you also I need crush 101 advice anyone have anything let me know in the comment section please . Thanks to all of you who read this . Vote please tell me what you think so far on the story I'm thinking of making this a book series . Like make alot of books out of this and always surprise you  with my sudden plot twists think of it as a late christmas gift from me to all of you . Anyways let me know . Till the next chapter . Love you all . 😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤

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