chapter four | how did you find your way | waterfall

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"Thank you!" Lyra exclaimed.

"You're welcome. The more the merrier," said Sienna. "We should introduce ourselves. You already know my name. Sienna if you don't remember. Fire mage."

"Hikari. Ice mage," said the girl with black hair and red eyes. "Also just to let you know, Kaito and I aren't twins."

Kaito nodded in response, smiling. "I'm a Metal mage."

"Reaper. I'm a Lightning mage. This is Grim, a Wind mage," the blue haired boy introduced, pointing to the grey-haired boy who sat opposite him.

"Hello, I'm Lana. I'm a Darkness mage. Nice to meet you!" said the curious girl with white hair and white eyes.

"Hi everyone, nice to meet you all!" I said. Lyra nodded and formed a small smile.

"Well, I suppose I should show you your rooms now. Come, follow me." Hikari stood up, and beckoned Lyra and I to follow her. Akuma continued to follow us in our wake.

We walked upstairs until the third floor, and she opened the first door at the corridor.

Inside was a pretty large room with all four walls painted blue. The ceiling consisted of wooden panels. At the back of the room was a gorgeous bed that was decorated with a blue and white aesthetic going on. But I quickly noticed a huge rectangular hole in front of the bed. Sensing my confusion, Hikari spoke up.

"This will be your own room. Lana's behind all of the room designs. She likes to design stuff, that's why the rooms seem so well decorated.

"For that weird hole there, we realised that after all the money that had gone into the construction of this guild house, that we had practically no money left to fill it with water. It was supposed to be a swimming pool or jacuzzi- I don't really know."

Hearing this, I waved my right hand in a circular motion, and water appeared in front of us, following the motion of my hand. I pointed towards the hole and the water crashed into it, filling it up to the brim. Hikari raised her brows.

"That's one problem solved," I remarked.

"...Yes. Now, on to Lyra's room," said Hikari. I closed my room's door and we headed to the neighbouring room.

Opening this room's door, I realised that this room's decor was much more different. I looked towards Lyra and covered a snort when I saw her expression.

She was practically gawking at the room's aesthetic, and her emerald eyes shone with excitement. She looked like a cartoon character whose facial expressions were exaggerated.

I took a look at her room. White bricks made up the four walls. Vines and leaves adorned the top of the room. A brown couch was placed next to her bed as well as beige curtains. Her bed was plain white, and a pale yellow sheet was draped over the bed covers.

"T-this is so pretty!" Lyra exclaimed.

"Credits to Lana again," said Hikari. She paused for a moment and frowned ever so slightly. "How did you find this guild, by the way?"


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