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day 0: illeà forest, 1922 hours.

'it is eventide,' jungkook notices, as he stumbles into this barren wasteland of violet willows and glowing streams. the sky is a beauteous blend of vibrant vermillion and marmalade streaks, touched by soft hues of magenta. the forest is quiet, with the exception of the scrunching noises that are made when his feet crushes the dead grass beneath him.

his breaths are ragged, him being on the brink of exhaustion and desperation. the satchel he holds on to is worn out and dirty, while the dark red robe that cloaks him swishes at his feet as he trudges through this otherworldly forest.

the fire he has summoned during the start of his journey has long since burned out; with only his own clothes left to warm him. if he could, he would've kept the fire going forever, but alas, his magic, disappointedly, is not so unlimited.

plus, if he could really have all that he ever wanted in the world, he wouldn't be in this situation right now.

jungkook is already feeling lightheaded. he must be quicker, if he wishes to live. that seems highly unlikely though, for there is no sign of civilization anywhere in his sights. 'perhaps i will die in this forest today,' he thinks absentmindedly, as he stumbles along the forest.

'maybe i wouldn't mind too much. to wither away in this forest, where no one will know i'm gone,' he smiles wanely, only to shake his head moments later. 'what on earth is wrong with me, thinking like this? i absolutely cannot die right here; my brothers, they still need me,' he squeezes his eyes shut, clenching the straps of his satchel before moving onward.

'if they're still alive, that is.'

there is blood running down his side like a waterfall, a deluge of crimson that dampens his robe. it doesn't actually dirty his robe as much, due to it being the same color, but it makes him feel sticky, and all kinds of filthy. the amulet that hangs around his neck does nothing to heal him, as its magic has already been used long hours ago.

as he leans against a tree, limp and dizzy, he thinks that, 'yes, perhaps, i will die here today.'

there is nothing in the area to stitch his scars, to stop the bleeding. in addition, this is a forest; where lurkers of the dark will run around in the moonlight. if he does not die from blood loss, he will die to the many creatures that may inhabit this forest.

it is odd, though, how he hasn't stumbled upon any other living being, besides plants, ever since he stepped foot into this place. no animals of any kinds, not even the type that would live here. there are no dragons soaring around the sky, no serpents traveling through glowing waters, not even a manticore prowling through the grounds. it is as relieving just as it is utterly confusing. he won't complain, though.

something about this forest seems otherworldly, out of reach. he has only run into this forest by luck, and everything in it continues to surprise him.

the deeper he goes in the forest, the thicker the fog gets, a faded, green-colored and eerie mist that surrounds him. there is a pathway below him now; meticulously carved and made of eye-pleasing marble, a pure white in color. the marble is cracked, though, and it soon starts to taint as his sanguine blood spills on it.

the fog around him swirls, shifts, spirals around as he walks on, beautiful and hypnotizing all the same. he smells rain the more he treads onwards, petrichor which emanates from the willows around him.

his eyes starts to droop, exhaustion taking its toll on him. jungkook finds it harder to walk without dropping dead now. he has to make it; he has to live.

but how can he live on? there is nothing that can help him around here; the plants in the forest are strange and new, holding many possibilities, but he is too careful to risk anything anymore. his magic isn't healing, so he cannot save himself either.

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