A New Blessing - JeMik

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It's a busy day for me, alot of papers and files are piled up on my desk. So instead of having a good day, I'm having a stressful one.

"Good Afternoon sir Jeron! Here's your 3pm coffee!" Jeanine Tsoi, my personal assistant went inside my office and placed the cup of coffee on my desk.

"Thank you Jeanine, one more thing please? Can you ask my driver if he got news already? I'm getting quite worried." I asked her.

"Sure thing sir! I'll inform you right away after I ask manong Ben." Then she left my office.

I spent 2 hours signing all the contracts that needs to be approved, and an additional hour in finishing my other papers.

It's about 7:15pm on my watch and I'll have to go exactly 7:30pm to my meeting with the other clients.

Medyo nakakapag-taka lang, inutusan ko si Jeanine kanina and then up until now hindi parin siya bumabalik dito. May nangyari kaya?

I'm here at my meeting pero lumilipad parin yung utak ko, ang hirap kasi ng may bumabagabag sa'yo eh, hindi ka maka-focus.

"Mr. Teng." Natauhan ako bigla when Mr. Rashleigh (Prince) Rivero mentioned my name.

"Umm yes?"

"I'm asking if.." Naputol yung sasabihin ni Mr. Rivero ng biglang may bumukas ng pinto ng office na pinagm-meeting-an namin.

"My apologies.. Pero sir Jeron, your wife.. She needs you.. Right now." Sabi ng security guard na assigned sa entrance ng building namin.

After a while, manong Ben and I arrived at the Hospital, he said that Jeanine went straight through here as soon as she heard the news that Mika, my wife, is experiencing contractions lately.

Due month niya na rin 'to, so baka anytime now manganak nalang si Mika.

My driver accompanied me to the room that Mika is in, but unfortunately when we got there, Jeanine was the only person there.

"Jeanine, what happened?" I asked her worriedly.

"Don't worry sir, everything's fine. Ms. Mika was brought to the c-sec room about a couple of minutes ago. Nothing to worry, if they're doing the procedures perfectly, I'm sure she and your baby will be safe." Jeanine told me assuringly.

I did not go inside the c-sec room because I'm not sure if I'm allowed to go there, and I think I might disturb them too.

Siguro mga isang oras na sigurong nakakalipas may nurse na pumunta sa room namin.

"Are you Mr. Jeron Teng?" The nurse asked me.

"Yes, why?"

"You can now go and see your baby in the nursery, Ms. Mika is still resting but she's okay."

"Thank you!"

"You're welcome Mr. Teng."

After that, I ran to the nursery to visit our baby, our beautiful baby girl.

"You two better make your final decisions about naming your baby girl, I'll come back later and then give you the files you need to fill up."

"Yes Ms. Tiu, thank you."

Ms. Tiu went out of the room and the three of us are the only ones here. Sabi nila mama na bibisitahin niya kami mamayang hapon.

Me: How are you Miks?

I asked my beautiful as ever wife that is lying on the bed and carrying our princess.

Mika: I'm super fine, syempre andito kayong dalawa eh! You two are my bundles of joy kaya.

Me: I feel the same way about you two. By the way, what should we name our baby girl?

Mika: (sighs) This is a tough one. I listed a bunch of names on my phone but I don't know why.. I just don't feel like looking at them.

Me: Hmm.. Can we name her Jilliane?

Mika: Aww, what a cute name! Wait.. How about Jilliane Maurice or, Jilliane Mikaelle?

Me: I like the Jilliane Mikaelle, it's unique at the same time adorable. Actually, we can also call her Mika by then.

Mika: Okay! Then, that's it! Our very own Jilliane Mikaelle Teng.

Pagkatapos sabihin ni Miks yun, we heard Jilliane giggle.

Mika: Ahhh! Nagustuhan niya yung pangalan omygosh!

Me: Hey, easy ka lang! (laughs)

Mika: Oh sorry!

Me: Thank you Mika for everything, if only I can repay every pain you felt earlier. I love you..

Mika: Ano ka ba! Drama mo. Syempre kung wala ka, wala tayong baby Mika 2.0. I love you too.

Mika Aereen and Jilliane Mikaelle are the best blessings I've ever had.


Writer's Note: Miss ko na talaga yung mga JeMik ganap, kaso kasi may Jerome Ponce na si Mika tas may Jeanine Tsoi na si Jeron huhu 😢 Pero still, malay niyo sa future. 😂💚 Okay kain hopia.

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