Just Another Fan (Cameron Dallas)

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Hi, I'm Callie and I'm your average fangirl. I'm seventeen years old and I'm obsessed with Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas. They're pretty perfect in my eyes. I have my best friend, Catalina, Cat for short. Then my brother who is more of a bestfriend than anything, Angel. I have a little sister who is four. Cat has long brown hair that falls down to her butt, chocolate Brown eyes, and is skinny. She's not the skinniest but she has curves and thicker thighs. But hey that's okay and she's fairly short about 5'2. Angel is tall about 5'11 and has short Brown hair. He also has chocolate brown eyes but they're gorgeous for Brown eyes. I fangirl over Nash and Cameron, a lot. While Cat fangirls over Carter Reynolds. He's pretty cute himself. But I'll stick with Nash and Cameron. I've been trying like every other fangirl out there to get a follow from them, but it never seems to work.

But that's how it always goes. But you should never loose hope. Because once you get that follow. You get access to message them and hey, that's pretty freaking awesome.

Just Another Fan (Cameron Dallas) editingRead this story for FREE!