Creep (2)

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Part 2 of the small series Creep
Word count ; 1k+
No serious warnings
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Harry was stunned. Draco Malfoy just fucking kissed him at 2 am in the middle of the kitchens. When he turned to the blonde behind him he was sure he would have to hex his sorry arse, but no. There was no time, none. Before he knew it Draco had already claimed his lips, grabbing at his school robes in almost desperation. None of this made sense.

All Harry wanted to do was run down to the Kitchens and grab some pumpkin juice because staying up so late made him hungry. Clearly, that's not what happened.

What didn't help was the fact that Harry was awake at 2 am because he could not get Seamus's arse out of his mind.

The boy had dropped his parchment on the way to turn in an assignment and had bent down to pick it up right in front of Harry, almost like it was on purpose. It was startling how much blood rushed south at the sight, and now with Malfoy kissing him?

The boy who lived gay? No no no. This was not okay.

It wasn't that Harry had an issue with gay people, he just didn't need another reason to be different. He just wanted to blend in for once, but blending in wasn't his thing.

Instead of grabbing a bit of pumpkin juice like planned, Harry went straight for the Firewhiskey. Taking the full bottle of alcohol, Harry grabbed his wand and muttered a charm to shrink the bottle down. Then proceeded to stuff it, along with his wand, back into his pocket.

Harry tried very hard to forget the images whirling through his mind as he approached the sleeping portrait. She was bound to get upset for being awoken yet again in the wee hours of the morning.

Politely, he cleared his throat. The lady woke and looked just about ready to bite his head off so Harry quickly fed her the password and ran through into the common room.

Catching his breath from the small sprint his thoughts automatically fell back onto the feeling of Draco's lips. That kiss had been godawful, but somehow it was more enjoyable than the previous teary-eyed kiss shared with Cho. He hated to remember the way that felt.

But the feeling of Draco grabbing him tightly, and taking the kiss without even asking was exhilarating.

He almost wanted it to happen again, almost.


By the time the bottle was gone, the sun was rising and Harry was past the ability to create coherent sentences. Half a bottle down the poor boy ended up making his way back to bed, knowing his fellow housemates would have had quite the show otherwise.

One thing drunken Harry knew for a fact, was that no matter how much he drank, Draco Malfoy was still a bloody perfect piece of work.

The way Malfoy always looked presentable made Harry want to destroy his perfected exterior that much more. He wanted the boy to fall apart in his hands, preferably in a heap of moans.

Was this lust?

That's all it could be. Just teenage hormones, maybe he just needed to snog a girl senseless and then he'd feel fine again.

I'm not gay, if I was gay I wouldn't have kissed Cho, right?

Well no matter I'm not gay, it was just a bit of hormones when I saw Seamus' arse yesterday...

That's it... Not gay... Nope.

His dumb attempts at reasoning began to fade and no matter how much he denied it; Harry was gay. It wasn't just jumping to conclusions either, knowing he could be gay fit all the pieces together.

He now understood why his attraction always felt forced or like an obligation. He tried to reason with himself that Cho was a nice girl and if he did not hurry up and have a crush on her that his life would fall apart. Everyone else was finding interest in girls, but Harry really didn't care. He was more interested in watching men's quidditch and trying to save the wizarding world from insanity.

Yesterday wasn't the first time Harry noticed a blokes behind, he's seen plenty of them after quidditch games and he's always looked away immediately.

This sexuality issue has been following him around for some time now, in fact, since the kiss with Cho.

His lack of interest scared himself. He felt like a creep for noticing Seamus's arse because it was probably just a coincidence. The universe must not like him too much.

Merlin, he was going to have a righteous headache by the time he woke up. With that in mind, Harry forced himself to sleep even if his thoughts drifted to Malfoy's arse instead of Seamus'.


Boy was he glad that he caught a few hours of sleep before getting woken by a flustered Ron.

"Harry! Harry! Get up! Hermione looks about ready to blow, we are going to be late to breakfast and you know how she hates that!" The ginger shook him with determination.

"Christ, I'm up! I'm up! Tell Hermione you'll both be leaving without me this morning. I have a massive headache that needs mending," As if on queue, Harry automatically grabbed his head in searing pain.

With that response Ron let out a loud sigh, "Harry you need to stop drinking when you feel upset. I know I'm not the best at catching your moods but it's bloody awful how you keep waking up with headaches every morning."

Playing dumb Harry sat up slowly, "What?"

The ginger sighed again muttering something sounding an awful lot like 'bloody wanker' as he gave up, walking away from Harry at a rapid pace.

With the rest of the dorm already empty Harry groaned with both relief and distress. Waking up the day after drinking loads never felt good, and Harry didn't have any emotional change from last night. He was still a frustratedly gay "miracle" who was to save the world from destruction.

Oh, and it didn't help that he was beginning to find his enemy, who he'd inevitably have to fight, extremely attractive.

Good job Harry Potter, you're a damn fool.

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