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"Ah come on it's not that heavy! Pick it up!"

Jimin struggled to lift the weapon in his hands, he tried to ignore the giggles coming from Taehyung as he attempted to swing it over his shoulder. 

"There you go!" Hoseok clapped, the bat rested on Jimin's shoulder. "Alright Chim, good good. Now give it to me." 

The smile that appeared on Jimin's face not too long ago fell. He'd tried so hard to lift the heavy object and now he was suppose to return it? He sighed and let Hoseok take the heavy object from him. 

"How much that one weigh Hyung?" Tae asked from the hood on the car which he sat on and observed the two. Hoseok stared at the bat and played with it in his hands, he tilted his head side to side. 

"Forty...Fifty perhaps." 

Jimin's jaw dropped, no wonder his wimpy arms couldn't pick it up. The ones he'd been forced to use at school for physical education weighed no more than ten pounds. 

"You know the more the weight the more the impact." Hoseok commented, noticing his shocked expression. Jimin nodded and trailed him as he went back into the building, the door slamming shut right behind him. 

"Fifty pounds..." he huffed. 

"Hyung's a little crazy right?" Taehyung spoke up, "Happy crazy little sunshine but that's why we love him." 

"Crazy?" Jimin repeated, Hoseok seemed the farthest from crazy compared to all of them. Taehyung nodded, "Everyone's a little crazy, I am, he is, and even you."

Jimin tilted his head, he was suddenly intrigued by Taehyung's statement. He was about to ask a question when Hoseok came back out, two more weapons in his hands.

A bat and a mallet. 

"Alright Chim Chim, this one's lighter." he handed him the bat, definitely it weighed less. He gave him quick pointers on how to hold the bat, things Jimin already known from school.

"So obviously there's not much to practice this with so I'll throw you a ball and if you can hit it then you're a natural. Hitting someone is easier than hitting a ball." 

Hoseok patted his shoulder and walked away. Jimin eyes widened, 'Hitting someone...' 

"Um Hyung who am I-"

"Strike one!" Taehyung yelled a baseball flew past him and landed on the floor. Jimin stared at it, he had barely noticed it flown by him. He looked at Hoseok who was preparing to throw the next ball. He stood in the position they had taught him at school, he felt funny as crouched slightly.

His eyes stayed set on the ball as Hoseok pulled his arm back and then forward. The ball flew towards him and he flung the bat, his eyes clenching shut. 

"Strike two!" Taehyung exclaimed once again, the ball had landed right besides him with a loud thump on the hood. Jimin sighed as Taehyung played with the ball in his hands. 

"Last one come on Chim Chim." Hoseok encouraged him, flashing him a smile before getting back into pitching position. Jimin crouched down again, beginning to regret hiding out in the bleacher during the majority of baseball lessons. 

"Here it goes!" Hoseok leaned forwards and the ball hurled towards Jimin. He fling the bat, his eyes shutting close once again. He stayed in the same position as he heard the ball crash into something behind him. 

"Strike three!" Taehyung laughed. Jimin sighed and opened his eyes, "Sorry Hyung...".

"I said if you could hit it you're a natural, that doesn't mean you can't learn." Hoseok smiled as him and then asked him to follow. They walked for about a minute, making turns in the maze of unwanted items. 

"See that?" Hoseok pointed towards a few large glass containers spread out on hoods of destroyed vehicles. He nodded.

"Go and hit every single one, you have thirty seconds." He put a hand on his shoulder and leaned in. "Think of them as people, if you don't take them out quick enough one can get away and snitch."

"People...?" Jimin repeated, shivers ran down his spine as he pictured the imagery. He shook his head and tried to rid of the comparison.  He stepped forward and looked to Hoseok, Taehyung now besides him. 

"And, go!"

Jimin's eyes landed on the closet one, he swung the bat and closed his eyes shut as the sound of shattering glass filled his ears. 

"Twenty seconds!"

He opened his eyes and ran to the next one, and quickly swung the bat. However he missed it but he didn't let that discourage him, he swung again. He heard the glass shatter and Taehyung scream again.  

"Ten seconds!"

The last two jars were too far apart, so he stopped briefly to make a decision. Once he'd come to the his final pick it was too late. 

"Done! Park Jimin put your tiny hands up because you have failed and are going to jail." 

Taehyung walked over to him and snatched the bat from his hands. Jimin played along and put his hands up, turning around to give Hoseok his face. 

"I'm sorry Hyung..." he said, he felt he'd disappointed the male. However the smile on Hoseok face made that worry go away. He handed him the mallet. 

"Hit the last two."

Jimin stared down at the large object in his hands, he'd never seen one so big. 

"But time's up-"

"Hit the last two." Hoseok repeated himself. Jimin fought him no more and did as told, he walked past Taehyung to the jar that had become his final choice. 

He swung the mallet once, he missed. "Boo!" Taehyung screamed, instead of feeling discouraged he laughed and swung the weapon again. This time he didn't miss and the glass shattered everywhere. 

He ran to the next one and swung the mallet for the last time, his eyes wide open this time. The fear of the loud sound no longer scared him, if anything he found it peaceful. Oddly the sound made him good, successful even. The sound meant he'd succeed his task. 

He turned back to look at the other two, a smile on his face.

 Hoseok had his arms crossed and a small grin on his face while Taehyung stared at him curiously. He walked up to the again and returned the mallet to Hoseok's hands. 

"What...?" he asked as a large smile broke out on his face. He looked to Taehyung who was also grinning, it was awfully confusing to him. Freaky even. 

"Are you think what I'm thinking?" Hoseok looked at Taehyung besides him, he nodded. 

"Yoongi Hyung's about to get himself a partner."


We all know whose next whoop whoop 

Hope you enjoyed!


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