Touring with my Malik.

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Chapter One.

"Work harder! Push your body harder, Sophia! If you want to win the finals you must push yourself!" My coach screams this at me. I flex my body more, swinging my body and flipping in the air.

"I know this is the hardest practise you've ever had but we need this, you need to win!" He encourages, and I grit my teeth, pushing my body that extra inch.

"That's it, that's it!" He screams, shaking his fist at the ceiling.

"I'm done coach!" I let go, falling onto the mat, panting heavily.

"Good, i'll see you next week then, rest well on the weekend."

"You know I will," I grin.

"I hope. And remember, next week we try it all together!"

"I hate you Coach!" I sing song, hearing his chuckle as we part our seperate ways. I push my heaphones into my ears, the music blasting. A few blocks away from home, I feel a patter of feet and the sound of screaming. A few girls run past me, bumping my shoulder. Shrugging it off, I walk in time with the beat, not hearing more feet behind me. Before I can register anything, hands wrap around my waist, throwing me over a shoulder with my legs dangling on someone's chest and my eyes no longer looking at the ground, now someone's edible ass. I don't even react, still in a fit of shock. I'm taken down a long hidden alleyway. I'm set on my feet quickly, my mouth hanging open in shock still.

Five boys look at me, their eyes twinkling and their shirts rumpled, chests heaving.

"Well, hey there."

"Please don't gang rape me!" I squel, pushing my hands into the fighting stance.

"Oh gosh no!" Laughs one of them.

"Sorry to scare you," another says softly. His tanned skin is sweet and his dark brown eyes twinkle, black hair done up in a cute look.

"You guys are..." I choke up, completely confused.

"Please don't start screaming, we were running from the freakiest fans we've ever encountered!" says Harry, a tall and lean boy with curly brown hair, adorable dimples and a heart warming personality.

"I'm not going to scream," I snort.

"Thank the lord," two of the five sigh, Louis and Liam. Both have brown hair, louis with brown eyes and Liam with blue. Both are charming, Louis 'out there' and obsessive over Harry and carrots. Liam on the other hand is more sensible and cute, a total sweetheart.

"So, why exactly am I with you?"

"We're kind of..running away."

"From who?"

"The fans. They were out of control so we're hiding down here so they can't find us." The one with cute hair grins, who's name is Zayn.

"Ahh, okay, well this is fun..."

"Oi, we're fun blokes, alright?" Niall, a blonde hair and blue eyed Irish boy pokes his tongue out at me.

"Whatever you say," Louis winks, Niall frowning at him.

"Some friend you are..." He mutters, and Louis hugs him, cooing.

"Oh, by the way, I loved your dancing. What music were you listening to?" Harry teases.

"My dancing is brilliant thanks very much, and it was actually one of your songs," I blush. They all laugh.

"Which one?" Zayn inquires.

"Stole My Heart!"

"You've stolen ours babe," Zayn winks.

"Comes naturally for me." I smirk.

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