“You really do look beautiful you know” Niall said as we exited the elevator and began to make our way to the back door. I blushed madly.

“Thanks” I mumbled, turning my blushing face away.

“Were we going?” I asked, changing the subject. He just tapped his nose in the ‘not telling’ way. I pouted.

“Wait and see” Niall laughed as he opened the door and we walked out into the black night. I stopped dead. Sweet baby Jesus. I front of me was a huge, and I mean huge black limo. I am dreaming.

“Kylie? KYLIE!” Niall laughed, waving a hand in front of my face.

“Huh?” I asked, snapping out of my dream.

“You like?” He asked, smiling.

“I love!” I cried, hugging him. Somehow I managed to open the door and we both fell laughing into the limo.

The inside was AWSOME!!! It was all black leather, with spotlights, sound systems and a flat screen TV.

“And how much did this cost?” I asked. It must have cost a fortune!

“Not your problem” He answered.

The limo started to drive, and I sat down next to Niall. He put his arm around my shoulders  as we pulled round the front of the hotel, into the masses of screaming girls. They don’t give up do they?

“This is crazy!” I laughed, seeing the fans pressing their faces to the limo windows trying to catch a glimpse of us.

“Shall I put them out of their misery, and tweet?” Niall asked, taking out his phone. I nodded.

“Right, smile!” He said, taking a photo of us and showing it to me. Not bad, not bad. I aslo took out my phone and opened Twitter.

1 new mention



Going on 1st date with my wonderful girlfriend @Kyliebearrr!!! Say hi Kyles! X

I laughed at the tweet, and typed a reply;

@NiallOfficial Hi!! Where are we going?!?! X

He laughed as he read my tweet, and began typing.

@Kyliebearrr why are we tweeting each other when you’re sat right by me? And not telling ;) x

I laughed, shrugging.

@NiallOfficial No idea!!! X

“Well, the fans should get a kick out of that!” Niall said, as we put our phones away.

“Is it a  long ride?” I asked, but at that moment the car came to a stop.

“Oooo let me out!!” I cried, running to the door and flinging it open. I stopped dead. We were in front of the London fucking eye!!! I had always, always wanted to go n here but could never afford it.

Niall was just getting  out of the limo as I ran back and tackled him with a flying hug.

“I take it you like then?” He asked, laughing as we began to walk towards the line of people waiting. There was only about 7, so it shouldn’t be a long wait.

“I love!! Thank youuuuu!!!” I cried, heading to the back of the line.

“That’s not all!” He said, taking my hand and pulling me to the front of the line.

“Niall, we can’t just-“ I began, seeing the people’s annoyed faces. Oh shit.

“Good evening Mr Horan” The security guy said, letting us through immediately. Okkkkkaaayyyy…?