Turkey legs

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"Good morning, gorgeous! Happy first Thanksgiving Bellie! Happy Thanksgiving, beautiful girl!" Jessica says in a baby voice as she takes the baby from her crib.
Isabella fusses a little, so Jessica bounces her.
"Are you hungry? Is it boobie time already, little Evan!" Jessica jokes.
"Heh! You are too cute Ms, Isabella!" Jessica kisses her forehead and takes her boob out to nurse her.
The baby's eyes widen and she makes loud noises as she grabs it with her hands, and moves her mouth like she's trying to get to suck already.
"Well you're just starving, aren't you?!" Jessica laughs.

After she nurses her, she covers herself back up, and cleans Isabella's mouth.
She gets a burp rag and throws it over her shoulder, then lifts the baby and pats her back.
"Now burp for mommy! Then we'll be good for a couple hours.. maybe."

Once she's finished, Jessica cleans her up a bit and kisses her cheek.
"Muah! Let's go see daddy!"

Jessica walks into her and Evan's bedroom, and he's still out.
"Shh! Daddy's sleeping!
... Let's go wake him up!"
Jessica gets on the bed and sits the baby on him.
"Say wake up, dada!"
Isabella giggles and hits his chest, then throws herself on him and chews on his nose.
Jessica starts laughing and hurries up and grabs her phone to take a picture.
Evan opens his eyes and squints.
"Good morning, honey!" She laughs.
"I have a baby on my nose!"
Isabella kept going, and Evan laughed, then grabbed her and sat up.
"You smell like mommy's boobie milk!"
"That's because she just ate! Didn't you just eat, baby?" Jessica smiles and wipes her chin of drool.
"Yum! Is it daddy's turn?"
"Calm yourself, Mr. Peters."
He chuckles and says, "Happy Thanksgiving, Princess."
"Happy Thanksgiving, baby." She smiles.
He kisses her forehead, then looks back at the baby.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my little turkey butt!"
Isabella laughs and Evan says, "You are just full of giggles, aren't you?!" He kisses her cheek three times, fast.
"Look at her."
Isabella was smiling and Jessica said, "I don't think I've ever seen a happier baby in my entire life."
"I know. We're so blessed."
"Yes we are."
"I mean, look at this! We made this!"
*Giggles* "We did!"
"We made her.. This beautiful beautiful little person, and she's ours forever and ever."
"She sure is." Jessica smiles at Isabella.


Thanksgiving Dinner.

Sarah, Jessica's mom, her brother, her sisters, and their families were there, as well as Evan's parents, and sisters.

"You are such a happy baby!" Anne says as she holds her, and Isabella bounces up and down on her legs.
"She is!  She's a very good baby." Evan says.
His mom smiles at him, and says, "Jessie, is my boy being a good daddy and soon to be husband?"
Jessica giggles and walks up to Evan and hugs him.
"He's the best! The kids and I our very lucky to have him."
"Aw, look at my girl bragging on me!" He rubs her arm.
Jessica laughs and he says, "These three are so much fun, I absolutely love being a father, and I love being almost Jessica's husband." He chuckles.
"And I love being almost Evan's wife." She smiles up at him and scrunches her nose.
"You're cute!" He smiles.
"Yep!" She says in a cute way, making him chuckle, before he kisses her.


As they all eat, Christopher stares at Isabella and says, "Isn't it weird how she wasn't here last year? I mean, she was there. "He points to Jessica's stomach and continues, "But she wasn't here. Like we had no idea what she looked like, and now.. Now it's like.. I can't even imagine how I went on before her."
"Awe, Chris!" Jessica puts her hand on her chest.
"That's how I felt when you were born.  Now I can't imagine life without either one of you.  I love you my sweet boy."
"Love you too, mom." Christopher smiles.


Everyone talks, and Jessica plays with the baby on her lap, as Sarah sits beside her.
"Look at your strong little legs!"
"It's like two little turkey legs, isn't it?" Sarah chuckles and pinches her thighs with her fingers.
"Hah! Mhm! You have the cutest little thunder thighs I have ever seen!" Jessica baby talks.
"Jess, I want one!"
"Awe, Sarah.. You'll meet someone one day, and you two will have gorgeous baby's!"
"Jess, I'm about to give up on dating. I'm tired of dating women and nothing comes of it. You know what else I'm tired of?"
"Falling for straight women."
"Ah, still can't get over her, can you?"
"No!  I work with her and it's getting to the part where her character and my character become a lot closer, so it's not even like I can just avoid her!"
"Well maybe you should talk to her."
"Jess, Lily is not gay!"
"When's the last time you've known of her to be with a guy?"
Sarah just looks at her blankly and Jessica slightly raises her eyebrows, "I don't know of any, so if you do, then please tell me!"
".. Well I actually don't know, but-"
"Exactly!  Listen, I have a huge gaydar and ever since I first met Lily, it went off."
"Oh yeah!  Sweetie, just talk to her."
"Oh no, I can't do that!"
"Why not?"
"Because I just can't!"
"Well then I'll do it!"
"Jessica, no!"
"I won't be obvious about it!"
"Well what are you gonna do?!"
"Just give me time."
"Just leave it to me and you'll be licking pussy in no time!"
"Jessica!" Sarah laughs and playfully pushes her.

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