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Healing Gabriel

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Ahh! My second story! Think I can do it? I think I can!

Healing Gabriel is a boyxboy story, meaning the two main characters are both guys and most likely (definitely will) develop a "thing" for each other. It's a lot more serious than my other stories since it has to do with fixing a sexual abuse victim's heart and soul. I got this idea for this book when my mom told me to go throw some empty pop boxes away, and at the time the house across the street was for sale, and...yeah, that's how this story came to be!

So...yeah! Read on about Evan Ricci's and Gabriel Adams's journey, and how their love for each other seems to be slowly unraveling more and more each and every day. But, of course, they have one giant obstacle in their way;

How are they going to show each other their affections when Gabe is petrified of the human touch?

***IMPORTANT NOTE: The story will occasionally shift between two point of views--Gabriel's, which will be told in first person, and Evan's, whose will be told in third-person omniscient. During Evan's POV, there may be an occasional third-person telling of Gabriel's POV. This will only happen during the first couple chapters--in later chapters, each chapter will only either be told through Gabriel's POV or Evan's POV.


Copyright © 2019 Cianna Valdez

Healing Gabriel: Prologue

Gabriel's POV

"Gabriel, would you mind throwing away these pop boxes in the outside bin?"

Fear. That was the material of the rope that began winding itself around my throat, tightening and constricting itself against my windpipe so that I could hardly breathe, let alone speak.

Only one word registered within my head--the word that was the single cause of all this onslaught of mental strife.


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