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A voice calls through the darkness.


I try to call out to her but my voice fails me.  I can't form words.

"Simon Snow." Another voice. A deeper voice. Familiar. The hair on my neck stands on end.  Fear lashes through my body.  I want to shout out but I feel paralyzed.

A bright blue light grows in the distance.

"Snow, what is going on with us? What has changed?"  Baz's voice is a ragged whisper. He sounds broken. My heart pangs. Guilt overwhelms me.  Why did I end our conversation that way?

Silhouettes appear in the glow of the blue light.   Ebb, Penny, Baz, Agatha, and The Mage. My chest feels tight. I want to run. I want to disappear but I can't feel my body at all.

"You're not the Chosen One." Agatha says coldly.

"I've given my life to you and you've never been here for me when I needed it." Penny doesn't sound like herself.  I've never heard this edge in her voice.

"You let me die." Ebb is crying.

"I can't be happy with you. You disgust me." Baz sounds devoid of all human emotion.  I know this has to be a nightmare. There is no way this is real.  The Mage's silhouette comes closer until I can see his face.  His eyes are solid white and his nose is bleeding.

"You thought you killed me, Simon Snow, but I'm waiting for you." He walks closer and takes my face in his hands. I want to scream.  His face is twisted into a horrifying smile.  The blood on his face drips off and lands on my foot.  The next thing he says to me is a sinister whisper.  "Come find me."

I wake up in my hotel room, screaming.  I immediately fall into body-wracking sobs.  I clutch the bedsheets underneath me, praying for control.

The door between mine and Penny's room bursts open and she is at my side immediately. She pulls me into her arms.  I remember what Nightmare Penny said to me and I make a promise to myself to do better.

"Breathe, Simon.  It was only a dream." Penny runs her fingers through my hair. My breath starts to come back to me and my vision focuses.

The pale moonlight lights the room just enough that I can see Penny's arms wrapped around me.  I feel safe. 

"Simon, what happened? Are you bleeding?"

I look down and see a perfect drop of blood on top of my foot.  The Mage's blood.

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