To Family.

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The low murmuring of voices seep into my unconscious state, rousing me awake

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The low murmuring of voices seep into my unconscious state, rousing me awake. Slowly, my eyes open, the whiteness of the room combined with the sun peeking through the window makes me squint until they adjust to the invasive brightness. I'm laying on a very comfortable, fluffy bed, covered by a purple comforter and I'm completely alone. Last I remember, I was with Chase on the couch. I notice I'm still wearing my shirt from yesterday, and I can feel the scratchiness of my jeans. Chase must've carried me to bed.

The faint smell of bacon has me up and out the bedroom door. Chase and my brother are sitting in the living room watching some game on the TV. They both look towards me, and I smile weakly. "Good morning sleepy head!" Vic greets me first. I mosey around the couch and plop down next to Chase, snuggling into his warmth and closing my eyes.

His chest moves a she laughs, "Good Morning." his voice is low.

"Morning." I croak. I feel slight pressure on my head from his kiss.

"Sleep well?" Vic asks.

"Uh Huh. I smell bacon."

"Melissa's making breakfast." Vic informs me. "Maybe you should go take a shower?" He suggests.

"Do I smell?" I ask.

"Maybe a little." Chase jokes.

My eyes pop open, I didn't even think about how my breath must smell horrible. I cover my mouth and sit up quickly which causes him to laugh. My eyes narrow in a glare, that only makes him laugh more. "Oh stop." He pulls my hand away from my mouth, placing a kiss on my lips. "I'm kidding."

"I think I'm gonna take a shower anyways." I walk back into the spare room, the bed rumpled from my sleep. Realizing I never brought my bag inside, I turn to leave only to notice it sitting on the dresser.

After a nice long relaxing shower, and drying my hair, I slip on a tan over sized sweater, and some maroon leggings. Chase and my brother are no long on the couch, but sitting at the table eating. My stomach rumbles at the sight of food. Melissa's head peeks through the pass over, a big smile on her face, "Hey! What do you want to eat?"

"Whatever they're having is fine." I tell her, "Thank you!"

Melissa puts a plate on pass through, and it smells so good. I grab it and dig right in. A phone goes off, "Oh! I have to get this." She rushes into the bedroom, and I look at Vic curiously.

"Probably work. She's always on call."

"Really? Even on a Saturday?" I ask. I knew Melissa did some promotional business event type stuff, but I never really cared for more details.

"Yeah, I just hope she doesn't have to go in." He says shoveling egg into his mouth. That would definitely suck.

We're all finished eating and Vic takes our plates into the kitchen. Chase and I move back into the living room, taking a seat back on the couch, Melissa returns from the bedroom looking flustered and annoyed.

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