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The rest of the week flies by as Nathan and Kota instruct me in self-defence, Owen and Luke work with me on my observational skills, and Victor outfits me with an array of tech devices that he's created to ensure our safety.  Gabriel and Sean went out and bought me a ridiculous amount of clothes, and North and Silas have been holed up in their shop working on something that they want to keep secret for now.  In the down time, the boys have been sharing their love of movies with me, and we've watched half a dozen James Bond films, as well as Rush Hour, the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, Shaun of the Dead, and a cute little cartoon called Fern Gully.  Sean's made me promise to watch a bunch of old film Noir with him once he has some time off from the hospital, and I'm excited for the new genre.

The Good Doctor has ordered me to take this week off from my duties, and the guys all took over my tutoring for me.  Sean managed to handle the twins a lot better this time around, and swears that he did it without compromising my integrity as a teacher, and Blair, from ballet, taught my littles for me and then came over to give me a blow-by-blow of her comedy of a class.  I got a bouquet from the cast of the Nutcracker, with a note from Miss Diane forbidding me to come back until next weekend, and I sigh when I think of the fact that I'm going to be so far behind everyone else.

I glance at the clock again, and note that if I leave now, I'll get to the studio with ten minutes to spare before rehearsal starts.  I move to get to my feet when a large bear-paw of a hand presses lightly on my shoulder.

"No, Aggele.  You cannot go to your dance practice today.  You aren't ready, and both your teacher and Doc have told you to stay here."

I sigh and slump back into the plush cushions.  "I'm going to miss so much, Silas," I whine.  "I don't want to be a burden to the rest of the cast.  Please?" I imitate Gabriel's puppy dog eyes as I beg for the gentle giant to understand.  "If you take me, I promise to just watch and maybe walk through it a few times."

He shakes his head and I jut my lip out in a pout.  He lightly pinches my lip between his fingers and wiggles it a little.  "This doesn't work on me, but I have a counter offer to your proposal."  His eyes dance with something undefined, and I suck my lip back in.  "If you will use this pouting against Gabriel the next time he's harping on me for my hair or clothes, I will take my camera and go and record your rehearsal.  You can watch it here in your apartment, and won't feel like you're falling behind."

I feel my face light up at his compromise and I quickly nod my head in agreement.  I jump up and throw my arms around him in a hug and he folds me into his embrace, which feels like home and smells like the ocean. 

"Thank you!" I mumble into his burly chest. 

He easily picks me up and carries me across the hall to his apartment.  He sets me down on his and Nathan's couch and orders me to stay there while he grabs his equipment.  He comes back in mere moments with a much more professional looking rig than I'd assumed.  He smirks at my open-mouthed expression and lightly taps me on the chin.

"You know what we do, Aggele?" he asks and I nod mutely.  "Then you know that sometimes we need to do surveillance.  After meeting my family, do you really think that Vic or Gabe would let us use sub-par equipment?"  I shake my head and he laughs.  He packs the video camera and a tripod into a black backpack and swings that over his left shoulder, then sweeps me up into another hug with his other arm.  In just a few of his long strides, we're back in my apartment and he deposits me back onto my sofa.

"Remember, you stay here, and I'll make sure to get all of your dances recorded.  Be good," he tousles my hair with the last part and then leaves.  Gabriel comes down the hallway a moment later in just a pair of jeans with a towel slung over his shoulder.  He rubs his damp hair with the orange terrycloth as he plops down beside me.

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