Chapter 10: Training (day 2)

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I sneak out to go to the garden that Cato showed me. I head up the flights of stairs through all the passage ways and finally get there. I open the door and see him, and Marvel talking. I sneak over to them.

"What are you doing here?" Marvel asks.

"Couldn't sleep I guess" I reply.

I go over to sit by Cato. I don't really talk much. I lean my head on Cato's shoulder and just listen to their conversation. They are talking strategy and weaponry. When they're done talking we all walk to our floors.

"Can I sleep with you?" I ask.

"Yeah, sure. Are you okay?" he replies.

"Can't I just sleep with the boy I love without questions" I say.

We enter his room. I was already in my pjs (sweatpants and a tank top) but Cato goes to the bathroom to change. I lay on his bed under the covers waiting, trying to go to sleep. But I fail miserably. He gets out of the bathroom in a t-shirt and sweatpants. He climbs into bed with me. I rest my head on his muscular chest and slowly drift to sleep.

"Wake up. Clover come on" I awake to Cato watching me again. I get up and go to my room. There are clothes laid on my bed and a note from Steph:

'Couldn't find you, but here are your clothes. Hope your day goes well. See you tomorrow for the interviews.



I put on my training gear and arm myself with my knife. I step into the living room where Enobaria, Brutus and Wilma are waiting to eat.

"Is Cato not here yet?" I ask.

"Guess not. We can start without him, yes? It won't offend him, will it?" Wilma asks, with that annoying Capitol accent. I know she can't help it but it's still bothersome.

Cato walks in as the avoxes begin to bring in our breakfast. We have pancakes with a delicious syrup like sauce. I finish 3 and start on the fourth.

"Well someone was hungry" Enobaria says.

"I guess I eat when I'm stressed." I reply.

"Oh, it's fine. We can always get more" Wilma chimes in.

We get in the elevator to start a new day of training.

I go over to the knives again. Glimmer meets up with me.

"So you're sticking with the same old again" she says sweetly. Did she not remember all of her bitterness from yesterday? Maybe she's bipolar?

I receive the knives and throw them all at the moving targets. Out of the 8 knives. 5 are heart and 3 are stomach. All are lethal though. Glimmer tries but she doesn't do very good. She gets 2 heart shots and 1 stomach. The rest are just random; shoulder and legs mostly.

"Good job' I say with a smirk on my face. She chuckles with me and we walk towards Marvel and Cato. Maybe she's realized that she will never get Cato and has given up on it.

"Hey, how are you two doing" I ask, giving a kiss to Cato on the cheek.

"Great, especially since you're here" he says. All I can do is blush.

"Now is your lunch break. Please take a seat so you can be served" Atala exclaims while clapping her hands. We all sit at the Career table. In about a minute avoxes serve us food. It isn't special. Sandwiches and fruit, with an energy drink.

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