Fire and Ice Part 4

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This is long over due and I apologize to all my readers who had to wait so long. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

Stiles POV

I watched from behind the bush in front of her living room window. "Will you hold me again?" she asked him. My heart shattered for the second time today.

How could she move on so quickly? I knew that Isaac had liked Y/N before but she told me it wasn't a big deal. They were really good friends and i knew that she only liked him as a friend. "He's like the brother I never got to have," I remember her telling me. I'm not so sure how she feels now.

I'm sure she feels betrayed by me. That has to be a reason as to why she is clinging onto Isaac so tightly. Someone I once despised, by the way. The only reason why I ever put up with him was for Y/N but now I don't know if that was such a good idea.

Deaucallion suggested I just leave her. He told me she wouldn't love me the same but I couldn't do it. I waited in the woods for when they realized my body was no longer in my coffin but Deaucallion beat me to them. He told them I didn't want to see them anymore. My heart shattered because I knew how they would feel hearing those words. None of it was true.

It wasn't like I could fix it or try and intervene and say that Deaucallion was lying. He told me what would happen if I ever tried to get in his way. He was powerful and I knew that.

He already screwed up my life with the bite and now my friends and my girlfriend.

He bit me in the hospital after I was in that bad car accident. Roscoe, the tank engine, wasn't damaged in the slightest surprisingly but, myself and the other person in the car were injured greatly. I was ready to flat line. I could tell my heart wasn't going to beat for much longer. So before the pack got to the hospital, while Y/N was lying in her own hospital bed in the other room, Deucallion came in and bit me. He didn't even utter a word until after it had happened.

"This will take a couple of days to activate given my history," he said to me. "You will die, then you will be buried. I will come to dig you out in three days. By then, you should be fully changed." I looked at him and tried to contort my face to show my emotion but I was too weak. I'm not even sure I could've done anything because I didn't know what I was feeling. I was angry because I never wanted to be a werewolf but, I was also happy because now I will live. I will see Y/N again.

"Don't worry now, Stiles," he said. "You are going to be the greatest alpha to ever exist. You are going to a better alpha than Scott McCall."

I wasn't an alpha. I wasn't even a beta or an omega. When Deaucallion found out that I didn't turn into what he thought I would, he was angry. He said he was going to keep me hidden so people thought he had another strong werewolf in his pack. He wanted people to be scared of me.

The bite would have worked correctly if it weren't for what I did at the car accident.


Tears continued to stream down my face and I moved out of Isaac's arms when I thought I heard something in the bushes beside the window in my living room.

"What was that?" I asked. "Nothing," he said trying to continue holding me. "Don't worry about it. Let's continue." He tried to hold me again but I pushed his hands away.

"No, Isaac, what if that's Stiles?" He laughed and I looked at him with rage taking over my face. "Why are you laughing?" I shouted. "I saw him today in the cemetery! He was in the trees!"

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