29 - Trouble Follows

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When life seems to be getting back on track, when it seems to becoming really great the world flips and something or someone likes to laugh in your face as everything comes tumbling down. The world was funny like that, it seemed when one thing in your life was finally good, another had to fall. Call it fate, or karma or whatever, it always happened. When life was good, troubled always seemed to follow at some point. And that's what happened.

It was Thanksgiving Day, a day celebrated throughout America with too much food and the massive Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It had become sort of tradition to watch the parade down in the busy streets of New York City with Mary Jane and Gwen. Today though, it wouldn't just be the three of us. 

"I'm not ruining your tradition, am I?" Peter asked that morning as we stood in his Aunt's living room. My parents had somehow dragged themselves away from their labs to spend the day with everyone. Right now, my father was deciding which wine to open for lunch. My mother was fussing with her rather ugly sweater and humming happily while May was setting the oven for the turkey. Mary Jane would be knocking on the front door any minute to drag us to the parade, something she loved more than anything. 

I shook my head, buttoning up my coat. "Nope."

"Are you sure?" He went on. "I mean, Harry and I could just stay here and help--"

There was a sudden knock at the front door but I didn't rush to get it just yet. I grabbed Peter's beanie and reached up to place it on his head. "You're not ruining the tradition. You're making it better." He gave me that cute grin, his hands lightly touching my waist. Without thinking, I backed slightly away, putting space between us. I glanced over my shoulder, making sure my parents hadn't seen. I hadn't exactly told them about Peter. Not that I had any real clue what to say to them, since I wasn't sure what Peter and I were even doing either. When I turned back to Peter, I could see the sudden hurt and question in his eyes. "Peter--" I started quietly but the front door swung open and there stood Mary Jane grinning from ear-to-ear, decked out with a giant white scarf and matching beanie.

 "Do you ever lock your door, Pete?" She smiled at us in a greeting.

With that, the four of us were heading up to Manhattan, ready to brace the crowds and the cold wind drifting in from the sea. We met up with Gwen and Flash later that morning, they had been standing in the crowds for hours already. The key to getting a good spot was to get here early, this year they had volunteered. 

With my gloved hand safely in Peter's, we stood in the massive and loud crowd watching and waiting for our favourite floats and balloons that filled the streets. There was an amazing feeling in the air, something a crowd like this produced. With the holiday spirt coming, the day for giving back with my friends, everything was good. "Here comes Santa!" Mary Jane shouted out, pretty much bouncing up and down on her feet. Harry was smiling beside her, watching her reaction. I saw him whisper something in her ear and she laughed wildly, swatting his chest before turning her attention back to the Father Christmas float coming down the street. 

I turned to Peter, giving him my own grin but his eyes were glued to the distance, a worried expression crossing his face. I touched his elbow lightly, trying to break his concentration. "Peter, hey, what's wrong?" 

His hand dropped from my quickly and before I could question what was going on there was a loud mutter filling the crowd around me. "What's that?" Flash questioned loudly, his deep voice echoing in my ears. My gaze followed to where he was pointing and saw exactly what everyone else in the crowd saw. From here it looked like a blip floating in the air but as it got closer, my eyes adjusted. It looked like a man or something decked out in a green metallic outfit. It was soaring through the air on some sort of board, sapping through the floats with ease.

Then suddenly, as it flew by us an orange ball was thrown out as a cackle of laugher rang out. Everything was still for a moment, each of us watching as the ball of colour went flying into the nearest building. A blast of fire exploded, the ground beneath us shaking. The crowd went into panic, everyone trying to run in the opposite direction. I was pushed aside as another explosion went off, heat flooding my face from the left. Screams filled my ears now, my vision blurry as the crowd continued to push forward. I heard my name being called out but it seemed like a whisper with the chaos around me. 

A hand wrapped around my wrist, yanking me to the side as the ground shook again. I glanced up to see Flash, holding me tightly as Gwen clung to his other arm, fear clouding her face. There was no time to mutter a word in thanks before he was moving us through the crowd, his sheer body weight pulling us through the masses. I casted a glance behind me and found the street in flames. 

"Florence!" A new voice found my ears and suddenly arms were thrown around my shoulders and familiar red hair covered half my face as we finally came to a stop. "I thought we lost you."

I pulled back seeing Mary Jane giving my body a once over, making sure I was alright. I found Harry watching me from behind her, looking a little grim. "Where's Peter?" I questioned, my eyes searching each of them, wanting the right answer. We stood in a little side street now, enough distance from the main attack. From our point of safety we could still see what was going on though. "Where the hell is Parker?" I demanded this time, my voice shaking. 

Gwen stepped closer, her hand circling my elbow. "We couldn't find him. With everyone running, he just disappeared in the crowd."

"He will be fine," Harry assured me. "He's fast on his feet these days. Don't worry--"

I twirled on the spot, watching as the crowds vanished, leaving an opening in the destruction. The figure in green stood in the clearing, hidden by a mask of green metal. From here I couldn't hear what he was saying, blood rushing to my head as fear kicked in. I tried to stay calm, to not think about Peter hurt somewhere in the mess of fire and debris. 

Suddenly, another figure jumped down beside the green masked man. Spider-Man.

Mary Jane was tugging on my sleeve, "Flo, we have to go."

"What about Peter?" I questioned harshly, staring across at her. The five of us stood in sheer silence, listening to the hollow screams and the sirens in the distance. I could feel my chest swelling up, fear clawing at my insides. 

It was Flash that spoke up. "I'm sure your little nerd is fine. He can handle himself."

Harry snorted. "You would know."

Mary Jane gave a huff at them both before taking my hand. "Standing here on the sidewalk worrying isn't going to help, Flo. Let's get back to the apartment and check in with your parents and Aunt May before making more rash decisions, yeah?"

I knew she was right. "Okay," I muttered out letting her drag me in the direction of her apartment building. When I looked over my shoulder again, Spider-Man and the new masked villain were both already gone. 


I am sorry it's been forever, I had a little writer's block with this chapter but here it is. How'd you all like it? I'm finally bringing in this book's big bad guy, The Green Goblin which is one of my favourite Spider-Man villains. Anyway, who saw the new trailer? It looks crazy amazing of course. I'm really excited for it next year and to see Tom shine some more as Peter. Please leave your wonderful thoughts as always.


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