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Chapter 22

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---------------NALA'S P.O.V--------------

Bruno took my hand in his as us three walked to a barber shop. Phillip opened the door for us and we got in. As soon as I entered, all the men in the room turned to look towards me. It was all silent except for a couple gasps and coughs. I turned to look at Bruno and saw him tense up.

"Go sit down." He quietly told me as he pointed to one of the chairs from the waiting area.

He gave me one last smile and let go of my hand. I walked towards the chairs and finally sat down. I looked back at Bruno and noticed that he was whispering something to Phillip. I tried making out what he was saying by reading his lips but I couldn't. I gave up on reading his lips and instead looked at the room. Most of the mirror that were hanging from the brick wall were covered with dust and water. There was some paintings and pictures but other than that, the walls were empty. My interest fell on a picture of a blonde woman on a surf board when a male from the last chair spoke to me.

"Hey little lady, it's not a good idea to be alone here." The male spoke.

He had a curly mustache and a beard that reached to his stomach. His hair was ginger and his eyes seemed hazel. I ignored his comment but this did not stop the man from speaking to me.

"It's too dangerous for a girl like you." He loudly spoke.

"I am not alone i'm with them." I said, pointing to Bruno and Phillip.

The man turned to look at them and his eyes widened. He grabbed his beard and just sat there, looking at them.

"Mars and Lawrence." He paused. "Never thought a pretty lady like you would be with people like them." He said as his met mine again.

"What do you mean?" I asked quietly.

"They're not the best people to be around. Always gambling and drug dealing. They're hooligans, always up to something." The man said as he continued to touch his ginger beard.

"How do you know this?" I asked in denial.

He thought for a moment and looked back at Phillip and Bruno, who were still whispering. He looked back at me and sighed.

"A buddy of mine named James asked Bruno for money. Bruno agreed and gave him about $1,000 but in the condition that he would get the thousand back in the same week. James used the money to buy drugs but he didn't sell much. The week ended and he didn't have Bruno's money so he left LA. Bruno found him a couple days after and..." The man stopped and turned to were Bruno and Phillip were standing. Bruno was nowhere to be seen but Phillip was standing next to me.

"Hey. Come with me." Phillip told me as he gave the man a glare. I stood up quickly, gave one last look at the man and walked out the shop with Phillip.

"Bruno told me to take you to get a makeover or whatever." He said as we started walking in the lonely street.

I stayed quiet, my mind still processing everything the ginger had told me. I had no idea what to think. My mind was saying I told you so but my heart was telling me not to believe anything. My heart beat was increasing and my palms were starting to sweat at the thought of Bruno and Phillip being like this. Criminal that sold drugs or worse...

"Watch out!" Phillip said as he pulled my arm before I could bump into a man walking in the opposite way.

"Sorry." I mumbled not bothering to look at the man or Phillip.

"What's up with you?" Phillip asked as he let go of my arm.

"What do you and Bruno do for a living?" I asked as soon as Phillip released me.

Phillip's eyes widened and he looked around us as if checking if there was anyone around. Once he made sure we were completely alone, he looked back at me and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'm waiting for an answer." I said loudly as Phillip stood in silence.

He looked at me and suddenly pulled my arm again. He started running, me close behind him, and we soon ended up in a alley next to a tattoo shop.

"Be quiet." Phillip whispered as he took out something from his jacket. A gun.

I stood there, paralyzed. So it was true. They were criminals. I walked back in shock till I hit a wall. My eyes could not stop looking at the black gun that was being held so tightly by Phillip. He looked all around and suddenly he put his gun back in his jacket.

"I'll explain later." Was all that Phillip said as he grabbed my arm once more and walked me towards a haircut salon.

Not the best chapter but enjoy c:

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