seventeen || vernon

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you woke up to a pair of strong arms around your waist. you turned back to see your boyfriend of 3 years. vernon from seventeen, it has been about a years since seventeen has debuted and vernon has been working his ass off every single day that we hardly see each other. days like this doesn't come everyday. you didn't even know vernon came back yesterday. you looked at his peaceful sleeping face tracing around his jawline and lips. vernon pulled you closer and snuggled up to you.

after a few more minutes his eyes opened and kiss you on the cheek. you looked at him as he lets go of your waist and started stretching. " what time did you come back? " you asked. " um what's the time now? " vernon asked. " 10 ", " um i came back at about 4? " vernon said. " 6 hours of sleep isn't enough for you. go back to sleep i'll make breakfast" you smiled at him but he refused. " no we're gonna eat out at a fancy restaurant. i have a day off and i wanna treat you like a princess today. thank you for staying together with me even though you have to always come home being alone. i miss you. i love you. " vernon said. " aw i love you too " you replied. " okay let's go change. reservations are at 11.30 " vernon said smiling.

i got up and went to the toilet to take a shower before changing to a dress that vernon bought for me as a present on my birthday. haven't really gotten a chance to wear it so i guess today is a good day. i wore it and go out to see vernon in a tuxedo. " oooo prettyyyy!! " vernon shouted. " you look the same yourself " . you guys head toward the restaurant.

" reservations? " the lady at the reception asked once you guys arrived. " vernon ", " oh mr vernon. table for 2 this way. " the lady said and smirked at vernon as we sat down. the lady kept trying to seduce vernon with her eyes while taking our order. " um excuse me is there something wrong with your eyes? " you couldn't help but said looking at her. vernon held in his laughter. she gave me a dead glare and walked away embarrassingly once vernon burst out laughing. once the food came we ate and walked out of the restaurant hand in hand after vernon paid. we walked to the nearby park and sat on the bench looking at little kids playing.

i felt a ball near my leg and saw a small boy coming over. i took the ball and pass it to him. " ah noona thank you. you're very pretty. " he ran away after saying that. i looked over to vernon to see his face all scrunched up acting like he was angry . " what's wrong babe why's your face like that " you asked laughing. " another guy just called you pretty and you're smiling about it. " vernon said. you laughed and kiss him on the cheek. the next moment you see vernon down on one knee with a ring in front of you ( a/n ps i know vernon is like 18 but like HAHAHHAHA OKAY MOVING ON ) " y/n would you marry me? " vernon asked. you nodded with your eyes full of tears. vernon put the ring on you finger and hugged you tightly. you can hear the sound of people clapping all around you.

hey guys!!! long time no update hehe. anyways i hope you guys enjoy this imagine!!

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