18 • h for hawaii, and havoc

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Chapter Eighteen

Since Ellie had pursued me, we spent our first free day roaming around our destination. We didn't go far from our hotel since we aren't familiar with this place in Hawaii.

"Winter, let's buy one of these!" Ellie pulled me inside a gift shop, which showed different couple rings, necklaces, shirts, and bracelets in it.

"We have plenty of those in Seoul, Elle." I huffed. She likes buying couple things like these.

"But we don't have bracelets coming from Hawaii, Win. Let's buy! Let's buy!"

I hated it when she does this annoying aegyo. It makes me want to puke. Gosh.

"Fine, fine. Just stop doing that, okay?"

I told the sales lady that I am going to buy one pair. When I was done paying and I was holding the bracelets already, she held my hand.

"Don't you want to buy these for your boyfriend? These bracelets are good for relationships. They are brought together by a special bond; if both of you have this, you will have a harmonious relationship."

I smiled back at her. "I don't have a boyfriend."

I was surprised that Ellie was no longer beside me. I am getting creeped out, really. Ellie Hwang, where the heck are you?!

She shook her head. "No. Why would you lie to me? He's around here, with you. Feel comfortable to take them home. I'll give it to you for free, okay?"

"But ahjumma, I don't really have a boyfriend-"

"Child, do not lie. I can sense your friend and your lover is nearby. Just take the bracelets, my dear."

"But I'm telling the truth-"

"Don't be shy, child. Your boyfriend is out there with your friend. Now promise me that you'll give this to him or else I'll get mad, okay? Now, go."

I ran away as fast as I can. What just happened there?! Where is Ellie? That lady is way too creepy.

Ah! I should call Elle!

"Ellie-ah! Where are you?" I fought back my tears, but my voice started cracking.

"Winter! What is happening? Are you hurt? Why are you crying?! Where are you?" She shouted frantically.

"WHERE ARE YOU? You were right beside me a while ago! That sales lady just creeped the shit out of me!"

I ended the call and just texted Ellie where I am. I cried. I'm really really scared right now.


Ellie ran towards me and hugged me tight while I sobbed. Now I'm feeling a bit relieved.

"Why did you leave me?" I sniffed. "I was so scared, Elle. I hate you for leaving me alone."

"I'm sorry, Win. I thought you were just going to pay for the bracelets then it'll all be done so I went outside. I saw Ten walking by, so I said hi. Look, he's here."

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