17 • and it's a long ass ride

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Chapter Seventeen

Ellie and I prepared our bags early tonight. Both of us are really excited to go to Hawaii.

"You okay now? Nothing forgotten?" Ellie asked.

I'm kinda forgetful, that's why Elle always check my things during trips, especially trips that require days before we get home.

I shook my head. "Nope. All here. How about Jake?"

Jake is Ellie's Husky, btw. Joohyuk gave him to her. I wonder how Johnny never gave Ellie even just a Husky stuff toy.

"I left him at Bora unnie's pet shop. Told her we'd be out for four days."

Bora unnie lives nearby our house. She's one of the closest neighbors we have. She's one of the prettiest too.

"I'll miss Winwin." I blurted out. Ellie looked at me knowingly, a smirk spreading on her face.

"What's with that look, Ellie Hwang?"

"Nothing. I was just surprised. Are you missing him or his father?" She whispered the last part, but she still made it loud enough for me to hear.

Do I miss Ten too?

No, I don't.

Or maybe just a little.

That's impossible! Why would I miss him?

Okay, I miss him too. :(

"Shut up, Hwang. I-I can call him if I m-miss him. Psh! Why don't you get out of my room now, oh?"

Elle put her hands up in defeat, laughing. "Alright, Jeon. Don't get worked up. I was just asking."

I grabbed a pillow and threw it to her. Unfortunately, I missed so she got the chance to run away.

Psh. She knows me all too well.

➹ ➹ ➹

"Good thing we'd be sitting together. I'd hate it if I would have to sit with someone else."

I nodded at Ellie's statement. "I totally agree."

I reached for my neck pillow and put it on. Ellie has one too. I also brought a book so I can read whenever and wherever I feel like reading (even if it's in Hawaii). We were one of the few people who got inside the plane first, so I started reading.

"Oh my gosh." I looked at my seat mate who is looking at me disgustingly. "Did you have to bring that one?" Ellie said, pointing at my book.

"Yeah. Is there a problem with it?"

"Uhuh! That is the problem. You see, we are going to Hawaii to be free from books, Winter. We're going there to relax, to be free from the scent of school."

"But this isn't a school book."

"It's still a book, Win."

I sighed. Okay, I give up. There's no way she'd let me read this book while she's around. I kept the book inside my bag.

Now what do I do?

I reached for my phone and plugged in my earphones. If I don't have books to read, I have music to listen to.

In the middle of the song, someone removed the right part of my earphone. I am going to scold that man whoever he is and I'm gonna—

"Jinyoung oppa?!"


"Annyeong, Win."

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