Enoch Mayfields - An Entrepreneur Based in MA

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Enoch Mayfields is an entrepreneur based in MA. He has established many companies pertaining to different industries. He has comprehensive experience in building small as well as medium business enterprises, promoting them in competitive markets, and managing all kinds of operations. He attended a New York based university, and completed his bachelor and then masters degree in business administration. After completing his studies, he worked for a home security system manufacturing company for 2 years. He was involved in marketing the company's products, attracting customers, and increasing sales of the company.

In 1991, Enoch Mayfields along with his sister founded an SEO services company in MA. In the initial years, the founders faced several difficulties in running the business, but on the 3rd year, it increased sales. After that, they decided to expand their business, and increased their team to 20 from 5. In 1999, a new office was opened in a South Carolina location. Thus, they included website development, web designing, logo designing, content marketing along with search engine optimization. In 2002, the company was selected as the best SEO business in MA in terms of revenue.

In 2005, Enoch Mayfields became the individual owner of the company when he purchased the remaining 50% shares from his sister. He is a diligent professional with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. He has managed a team of over 15 professionals, and also involved in business development operations. Today, his company is recognized as one of the best search engine marketing service provider in MA.

Enoch Mayfields has two sons and a daughter. He likes spending time with his family, and enjoys being with them on special occasions. He loves traveling distant places, and has visited many destinations in the United States and many other countries.

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