Peeta~ Loss

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(You're a victor from the same class as Peeta, won the games at age 14)

After Katniss' death in the Hunger Games, it was impossible to watch Peeta deal with it. He couldn't mourn easily in the games so he hid until it was just Peeta and Cato left. Cato lost in the end due to cockiness and the mutts.

When I trained them both I knew that obviously at least one of them wouldn't make it. But knowing that didn't make Katniss' death easier on anyone.

I sit beside Peeta on the train, holding his hand not sure what to say to him to help.

"She liked green" Peeta says plainly.

I pain across his face is evident. I close my eyes sympathizing with him, I squeeze his hand tightly.

"I'm so sorry Peeta. But know that both of you couldn't make it out of there. If she couldn't win you know that she would've wanted you to win." I attempt to comfort him.

"Well maybe if you spent more time working with her, she would've made it out of there." Peeta stands up abruptly and storms out of the cabin.

I flinch at his words. He's right, I worked more closely with Peeta while Haywmitch and Katniss worked together.

We used to all be friends. The three of us, plus Gale. We wee our own squadron of people. After I won my games, people acted differently around me. I didn't know who I could trust. When I met them, everything fell into place. I've always been closest with Peeta but Katniss was still like a sister to me.

Tears slowly glide down my face. I just stare out the window as the landscape zooms past us.

I wait for hours in case he wants to come out and talk. Or come out and not talk. As time stretches on and it becomes nighttime I decide to go to bed.

I thought that once I was in my bed I could close my eyes but I can't. Ever since my two best friends went into the games I can't sleep. Now that only one came back out, I still can't sleep.

A soft knock at my door pulls me out of my head tiptoeing to the door. I don't bother to check and I swing the door open.

Peeta. Red eyes with large bags under them, I imagine I look the same.


All Peeta has to say is hi and we hug in a tight embrace.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." Peeta says into my shoulder.

"No you're right." I look up to keep more tears from falling. "I should've focused closer on both of you. I was just so focused on getting you to win."

Slowly we walk over to the bed that sits in the extravagant bedroom. Peeta lays his head on my pillow and I sit cris cross on the bed looking at him.

"I get nightmares." I state. "Ever since my first night out of the games."

Peeta doesn't say anything, he just pulls on my shoulder and I slide down on the bed against him.

"I'm glad to be out here. To be with you. The games were hard and at times I wanted to lose. But you. You, (Y/n) kept me going. I won so I could come back and tell you that I love you."

I stare into Peeta's eyes. He looks unsure, waiting for a response from me.

Words can't explain how I feel. I've waited to hear those words for so long but now that they're here, I'm speechless.

I lean closer and Peeta and my lips meet for the first time. Fireworks would be an understatement for the things I was feeling.

The time, work, and emotions that went into this all ended up being worth it to experience this bliss.

We pull away from each, both of our faces graced with a smile.

"Well." I say plainly, a blush creeping up on my cheeks.

"God you're so beautiful." Peeta laughs as he rolls on top of me, continuing our previous kiss, both still smiling.

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