What Happened to Kiss Anime?

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If you didn't know, for the last couple of days, the kissanime.to servers have been down. Some have said that the servers have been taken down for updating but there is a new website called kissanime.io popping up. Today, I will be discussing the truth and what has really happened to the website, thanks to a little bit of research. I hope this helps everyone who have been concerned and if you have any questions, please contact me privately. Since this a concern of internet safety, I think it'd be best to keep things private and only release public information  that has already been displayed.

Servers Down

If you type into the URL kissanime.me, kissanime.to or kissanime.com, you will be presented with a This page can't be displayed error. Often times, this error will be presented when there is a problem with your internet connection, but this is not the case. Either you will find this or a white page reading at the top, This service is unavailable. Whether you find this one or the last, if you search in Google anything about Kiss Anime being down, you will most likely be presented with a Reddit forum or some other website. Most of them have either had no answers or have contacted the moderator like a normal person. For those who have contacted the moderator, she/he has said that the website is currently undergoing updates and should be back online in a day. Information was posted about this a day and a half ago, so either updates are taking longer or something else is going on. Sadly, this is all we know as of now.


Upon finding out the news about the Kiss Anime website being found, I heard of a website called kissanime.io. Some said to check it out while others say that the site was littered with viruses. Figuring that this was just rumors, I decided to check it out of my own accord. After all, my computer-tablet has excellent virus protection and I was curious to see if it was just a new server.

Later on, as more information revealed itself and I did more research, I found out that this is not the owner of Kiss Anime's website. It is simply a copy that it is very close and even has some added features to appeal to the public. However, your Kiss Anime account will not work on this site and it asked for a new account. Curious and deciding to play around, I entered in my email (I've put it in to plenty of sites that ended up giving me spam mail), I'm not afraid. I ended up seeing that the book mark list was screwed up and without even an hour of time on there, I logged out of my account.

The anime has many of the anime that Kiss Anime did, but I would not suggest checking it out. I was lucky that I do not have any credit card or other important information on here. After all, just recently, I've had what I think was a hacker on my Google account. Just in case this website is bad, I wanted to inform people. I still intend on using it but I do not suggest it to other people. I mean, I have lots of new chapters to work on and I can't wait for the Kiss Anime website to be back up.


Personally, I think that the original Kiss Anime server was closed due to bugs, programming errors or their new Open Load server. Many people have had problems with it (including myself) and for a while, certain episodes could only be accessed on that server. I couldn't even get it to load a video, much less play one properly. As for the .io server, I simply think that it was made as a website to steal popularity for Kiss Anime, though I don't think it will succeed. After all, lots of copies are made off of different games and they don't give you viruses, now do they? At the same time, I would not give it any information or check it out, just in case. I will update this if more information is presented to me in the future. Please tell me if you know anything about this and if anything similar is happening to the app. If I get enough information, I might do a chapter about the app since I know there is many users for that, too.

~ Ciel Phantomhive

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