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Gustavo- Girls, that was great, that's all for today so, goodbye

And with that he got up and went to his office

Carlos- Hey Ashlynn, want to hang out by the pool?

Ash- I would love to Carlos

Logan put his arm around you and took you to go eat. It was only James, Jessica, and Kendall left

James- want to come with us to the crib man?

Kendall- Sure, nothing else we can do

While Kendall was walking with them, he had to admit that he couldn't stop think about you. You were so much to him, but you moved on really fast, and he thought you just never liked him. Once they got to the crib he went straight to his room. James felt bad so he went into his room

James- Kendall, wanna talk?

Kendall- Sure...

James- you can't stop thinking about her?

Kendall- Yea, no matter what I do, she just pops into my mind. And then seeing her with Logan makes me feel worse

James- Have you tried talking to (Y/N)?

Kendall- I'm not sure she wants to talk to me...

You- Well, let's talk Kendall, I'm here now. Logan went to go get smoothies... so what?

James- I will let you guys talk....

James got up and went to the living room

Kendall- Look, I just wanted to know why you moved on so fast, and I hope you know what happened with me and jo, I don't have fe-

You- Kendall, one I know about you and Jo. She kissed you... not the other way around. And two, I don't know I guess Logan was always there for me, and it just happened...

Kendall- I still have feelings for you, I can't stop thinking about you. I don't know what to do...

He falls back onto his bed with his head in his palms

You- Well, I know that there is someone out there, just wanting to be with you Kendall, and who knows what will happen

Kendall slowly looks at you, and he did something that shocked you both. He kissed you

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