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If you have gotten to this point in the story, thank you so very much!! This story has been a labor of love and  a fun experiment into what may be classifiable as romance... though I'm not too sure I was very good at it...


If you're here then you most likely know where my other work can be found. But I'm going to tell you anyways.



*invisible audience cheers*

That's right folks, if you go to my page you can soon find the third and (probably) final book in the Irish Thistle series. It's about Emma's adventures as the maid to Mrs. Remigrant and her getting caught up in the scandal hinted at in Anne's letter. It's currently being written but several chapters are already up there. I also have some other work and would be completely overjoyed if you lovely people critiqued it! Feedback was the main reason I started posting on Wattpad and I love every comment and vote I get. Thanks to all of you that have read, voted, commented, and added this story... you are beautiful, beautiful people and I love you.

Credit again to Mhari! Mary, Anne, Iain, Charles, Emma, and the Jones girls are just as much her characters as they are mine. The plot, however, is my own and hopefully nobody steals it. 

Have a day as wonderful as you are, 

Megan Petersdatter. 

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