Btw: I will tell you when to play the music and when to stop it.

You and Dan quickly grabbed a cab to go back home. You two could barley keep your hands off of each other. It started with just a few innocent kisses. Then the kisses began to deepen, with the two of you growing increasingly closer. Dan's hand began to slowly make it's way up your thigh. Finally when you thought you could bare no more; the cab jerked to a halt.

"Um...excuse me?" The cab driver said in a gruff tone. Dan instantly pulled you off of him and turned bright pink.

"Oh, er, sorry. Here." Dan handed the man the money for the fair and then again, helped you out of the car.

"Mrs. Howell." Dan smiled as he reached out his hand for you to take it. You blushed a bit, never in your life had you thought you would ever be the future Mrs. Howell.

"Mr. Howell." You gave a slight curtsy.

(Play Music)

As you walked up to the door, Dan whispered in your ear. "Remember love, tonight's all about you." This made your heart quicken and a smile as big as the Cheshire cat's appear on your face. Dan opened the door, you quickly realized that Phil was not home. If he had been there he would have rushed to the door and asked for every detail.

However, the second you walked in, Dan had you pinned against a wall. His lips crashed onto yours, his hands roamed every curve of your body. They soon found their way to your ass.

"Jump." You did as you were told, you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. Dan carried you all the way to the bedroom without even dropping you once. 

He laid you down on the bed and just gazed at you for a moment, taking it all in. He then walked over to you and stuck a hand under the arch of your back and lifted you up. He unzipped your dress and threw it across the room. You kicked your shoes off before Dan's lips came to meet yours again. 

Your bodies moved in a rhythm that seemed older than time. You lifted his shirt above his head and ran began to run your hands over his chest. Running your hands over Dan's curves and his muscles seemed like heaven to you. Dan slipped his pants off and flung them across the room, still never leaving your lips.

Every touch was like a fire being set in your soul, every kiss was sweeter than sugar, sugar you would never get enough of. Dan finally left your lips. He began gently kissing the sweet spots on your neck, causing you to squirm beneath him. He gently ran his fingers over the top of your breasts which were slightly reveled by your bra. 

You decided it was your turn to have some fun. You flipped Dan over and began to kiss all the way down from his lips to his V line. Pausing there, staring up at him, waiting for the approval. Dan smirked and said: "Nope, I told you kitten, tonight's all about you." Which then led to Dan flipping you back over and returned to his previous task; kissing every square inch of your body.

*~* (Stop Music)

You woke up to light shinning through the windows of the bedroom. Rolling over you found that Dan was gone, and the spot where he should have been wasn't warm anymore. You laid in the spot that Dan had, the sent of his cologne still lingered in the sheets. You took in the smell, remembering the previous night. 

A few minutes later you reached over and grabbed your phone. There was a notification for YouTube.

danisnotonfire has uploaded a new video: 101 Reasons Why.

You clicked on the video out of curiosity. What was in this video that Dan couldn't tell you about?

"Hello Internet." Waved the Dan on the screen.

"So as many of you already know, today is Y/N and I's one year anniversary of meeting. And I have a big surprise for her." Dan took out your engagement ring and showed the camera. He was smiling so that his dimples showed.

"I'm going to propose..." He paused, "and if I upload this video," He glanced down at the floor and back to the camera, "it means she said yes." 

There was a small silence, one you could tell Dan had meant to put in there.

"So this video is really for Y/N. Hello love, I'm sorry I'm not there, in bed with you, snuggled up to you. Phil and I had to do our BBC 1 show today. We've kinda been slacking off. But as you can see, this video is titled 101 Reasons Why. To be more specific, 101 Reasons why I love you."

Your heart instantly filled with warmth, you couldn't help but smile at the screen.

Dan began reading:

"I love how your smile could light up a whole room. I love how you laugh when you know you shouldn't. I love how you lean your head on my shoulder when you're tired. I love the way I know you'll never give up on me. I love how beautiful your eyes are. I love how I can't imagine a day of my life without you. I love how much you adore the stars. I love you're free spirit. I love the fact that we can be a million miles away and I feel like you're right there with me. I love that even though I've seen you hundreds of times, you still give me butterflies in my stomach"

Dan went on, he continued to count of the ways he loved you, he stopped looking at the sheet ages ago. This was pure heart.

"And finally Y/N, I love how you've showed me to see the world in a completely different way, you've opened my eyes love.."

You stared at the screen in awe. You were marrying that man, he was going to be yours forever. 

"Okay guys, if you tune into BBC Radio 1 then I will be explaining most of what happened last night, of course I can't tell you all of it. *wink wink* and Y/N, it would be awesome if you could tune in as well. But if you want to sleep then that's fine." 

"Bye guys." And with that, the video turned off.

You searched BBC radio 1 and tuned in live to the show. Dan and Phil were currently playing pin the tail on the lion. You watched how interesting that was, especially when Phil couldn't even get it on the right wall. Then after that Phil piped up.

"Dan! Something very exciting happened last night! Why don't you tell everyone?" Phil suggested.

"You're right Phil! Okay guys, most of you know this but...Y/N and I are engaged!" Dan exclaimed.

"Yup, Danny Boy is all grown up." Phil gushed.

"Guess so, although, I did incorporate a Panic! At the Disco quote into my proposal sooo..." Dan laughed.

"Yeah I know, but why don't you inform the audience on how you did that! And on how you got Y/N to say yes...did you bribe her?" Phil jokingly raised one eye brow in suspicion.

"Alright, I'll tell you guys." Dan said, he seemed rather excited to jump into the story. He told everyone about the dinner date, about the park and the stars. And how he proposed to you with the your favorite Panic! At the Disco quote. Once he finished though it was time to put on a new song. Which Phil let Dan pick.

"So I chose Pillow Talk by Zayn because it seems like it just fits." Dan smiled and played the song. You couldn't agree more though, the song did fit.

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