Home Sweet...Home?

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(Warnings for this chapter: swearing- duh, poorly-timed wardrobe malfunctions)

These four historical figures didn't take no for an answer as they led me into a bar. Uh, I can't even drink legally! Wait, yes I can, in this time there was no age limit. I really wasn't a fan of booze, so I said I'd rather have nothing.
Sipping a heavy ale, Hercules eyed me as he pulled the mug from his lips. "So, Steven. Where ya from?"
I stiffened. "Uh.... I was born in Boston. I came here after my parents were..." I have to think of how my own parents die....? Shit, man...."well, I'd rather not go into specifics, but my mom died from a savage case of smallpox and my father died in Lexington trying out a new weapon of his against the British." I guess I was pretty good at lying because Alexander furrowed his brow and stared at me with a sympathetic gaze.
"I know the pain... I'm an orphan too." He muttered.
Lafayette hummed, "Steven, can you show us that weapon your father crafted?"
My face went a bit red, but I nodded as my hand dove into my pocket. I dropped the gun on the table and the other three glared with curious eyes. Laurens picked it up and ran his fingers along it slowly like it was the most amazing thing he had seen in his entire life.
"What...is this?" He uttered out, prying his brown eyes away from it.
"An M9. Or a pure metallic pistol." I responded, talking about the basic information with the, until the other three had each asked their fair share of questions for never having seen such a weapon.
"I mostly carry it for self-defense." I said slowly.
Out of the blue, a man with darker skin and the same military-like uniform like that of the others came up to out table. Alex smiled widely, shaking his hand happily. "Well if it isn't Aaron Burr!"
"Sir!" Burr responded, a grin widening.
His eyes came to myself, and instantaneously, I put on a lopsided nervous smile, biting the inside of my cheek.
"Sirs, who is this?" He chastised.
"This," Laurens threw an arm around my shoulders and pat my left arm. "This is Steven... shit I forgot your last name..."
"Isn't it L/N?" Herc asked.
I nodded, swallowing hard and shaking Burr's hand firmly. "Yeah, my name is Steven L/N. Its a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Burr."
He hummed, "You too, sir."
He was invited to sit down with us.
We were all in conversation, and I was pressed for many answers about my origins. I would try my best not to lie, but to fit with the times, I had to try my best. Burr stayed on the side, all the time. Alexander chocked it up to his motto: "Talk less, smile more."
I chuckled, going to rest my elbows on my knees. As I did so I felt a pop on my upper back. I instantly felt under my coat.
My bra is broken.
I scrambled to my feet, arms tight to my sides to avoid the fabric from loosening on my already baggy shirt. If that happened, I'd be found out for sure. My face reddened in embarrassment and frustration.
Lafayette cocked an eyebrow at me, "Steven, are you alright?"
I nodded quickly, "Excuse me for a moment." I started jetting to the door, Herc getting up and chasing after me, much to my fearful dismay.
"Steven! Where're you going?!" He called after me.
I tried running into an alley. He still somehow found me.
"Steven, what's wrong? Why'd you run to here?" He questioned.
I turned away from him, "Wardrobe malfunction..." I choked.
He put his hand on my shoulder, "What, is your undershirt in a bunch, or something?"
"No... please, let me fix this... alone." I whispered, tightly holding my chest whilst crossing my arms.
Hercules spun me around with his immense strength. He saw my arms positioned as I stared at him like a child who had just been grounded.
His eyes widened. "You're...."
"A woman, yes." I lowered my head.
"Why didn't you tell us?"
Alexander began walking into the alley, Laurens, Lafayette and a very concerned Aaron Burr behind him.
"Steven...is it true?" Lafayette muttered, a small frown on his lips.
I nodded slowly. "Sorry I had to lie. I was scared."
"Scared of what? That we'd arrest you for crossdressing or something? Nah, it's fine by me, to be honest." Laurens laughed, making me smile nervously.
"Yeah... That's not all I've been lying to you about. One, the name's not Steven, obviously. It's Y/N... Secondly," I rubbed the back of my neck, thinking it'd be okay if I told them where I was from, then dismissing myself. So, I inhaled and sighed the air back out. I reached into my pocket and unfolded the paper. "See this? Well, lucky me found it while I was replacing rotten floorboards in my apartment. I'm from over two hundred and forty years in the future."
Burr broke the silence by letting out a disbelieving laugh. "Is she full of shit, or am I-!?"
He noticed my glare. I arched my eyebrows into a rather angry scowl like that of what a mother would give to her misbehaving child. His laughter died down, and his face slowly morphed into a pure look of curiosity.
"Then, if it's true...how?" Burr questioned. The other four gave me the same look.
I shrugged. "I read the first passage and next thing I know I'm in a black void, then the street, and then I bump into Laf."
"I'll test this... where is the New York Criminal Court located, in the future?" Alex crossed his arms over his chest. "Some street names have ought to change."
"Well, that's located downtown, and I live in Midtown... but I think it's on Hogan Pl. just off of..." you paused and looked at Lafayette, a smile creeping onto your face. "Lafayette St."
Lafayette looked surprised. "A street named after me?"
"Oh, sir. After what you did...or what you'll be doing in not only the American but the French revolutions, you'll have a lot more things named after you." I said in a confident voice as Hamilton and Burr looked dumbfounded and Laurens and Mulligan were fucking screaming.
I stood proudly.
"What's the future like!?" Laurens suddenly asked with childlike curiousness.
I jumped and tapped my chin. "I don't know if I should say hell or just a fucking shit show with the occasional decent human being... That's probably about as equal as today as I can get." I giggled.
So, we went back into the bar, the curious men completely fine with me being a woman. We laughed and talked for awhile, them asking me questions about the future, my REAL self, and in turn I asked questions about them.
This wasn't so bad after all.
As the bar began to grow full with the evening crowd, I read the letter that brought me here again in my head. I saw the bottom part, labeled for the future. I read it in my thoughts , not expecting anything to happen.
'Call ahead, on ones own devices,
Prepare a space for not five, but six
Remain spiteful, but remain resilient
Spring forward and bloom,
Like that of a plant in season.
Come of age once more with this young nation."
I blinked, and next thing I knew

I was on my couch.
It was only later at night than when I had left. I gasped and looked up, tossing the letter from my grasp and grinning.

It didn't feel right, though. I looked around, to find various men... all too familiar to me in different positions on my furniture. They all appeared to be sleeping.
"WHAT THE FUCK." I screamed.

After around thirty seconds of me freaking out and nearly blacking out from an anxiety attack, Laurens shot up from his place on my kitchen table. His brown eyes darted around my apartment until they fell upon me. "Y-Y/N? Is that you?"
"Yes, John Laurens what the fuck are you doing in my apartment?!" I could t help but smile and help him up.
"All I remember was being shot at, and blacking out... But you, Y/N...you just vanished from your spot, everyone thought you were a ghost and fled the bar..." his voice was laced with laughter.

What the fuck am I gonna do...?

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