Bestfriends With Benefits

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I walked into my walk-in closet after tending to my hygiene. I decided on black tights, a black crop top that said 'Boss Bitch', and my Bred 11's. I took the curlers out my hair and combed it out so it would be wavy. I recently dyed my hair ends a honey blonde. It looked sweet. I threw my phone charger and keys in my bag, grabbed a pop-tart, then went next to door to my boy best friend's house.

"Morning mama Joy", I said entering their kitchen.

"Morning Aubrey you look very beautiful today. That red lipstick fits you perfect", she replied.

I giggled then added,"um...where's Chris", I asked taking a seat.

"Last time I saw him he was getting out of bed", she said taking a sit.

I sighed. About 30 minutes later Christian came downstairs in black Trues, a black last king's top and Bred 11's.

"Always trynna dress like me", I mumbled.

He mugged me.After saying his goodbyes we headed out.


Our crew was sitting by the basketball court chilling, as usual.

"Well ain't it the power couple", my cousin Mia yelled.

I rolled my eyes. She's the only one that knows about my crush on Chris.

"Whatever", I mumbled rolling my eyes.

Everyone laughed then Christians best friend Jason started talking.

"We at Q's party tonight right", he asked.

Of course everyone said yes. We're always down for a party. It got awkward after a while.

"I'm going and play basketball", I announced.

"Nobody cares", Chris mumbled pushing me as I got up.

I mushed his head the walked over to the court.


Christian's POV

"Nobody cares", I mumbled as she stood up.

Me and Brey been friends since preschool. Something bout her just has a effect on me. She started walking towards the basketball court.

"I see you", Mia nudged me smiling.

"What", I asked.

"We see you getting lost in Brey's ass", Jason added.

"Nah man i was checking out her Bred's man", I replied lying badly.

"Aight whatever you say", Jason replied.

I looked back up at the court and I see some nigga all up on Brey. He was rubbing all up on her and grabbing on her. Like da fuck.

I got up and started walking over there. See Brey is a beautiful girl. Yea I have a crush on her, but I would never admit it. She don't like me like that. She had a nice body, perfect ass and everything. Deep dimples and back dimples too. Not only does she look good, but she's a great friend. She gives the best advice and knows how to hold shit down.

"Ole dude you a little to close", I yelled.

"Ugh Chris shut up, leave us let us play our game. I'm winning", Aubrey replied giggling.

"Ion like how he's rubbing on you", I replied.

"Your such a big baby", she replied flicking my lip.

"What the- ion know where your fingers been", I yelled screwing up my face.

"You know where it's been...up your boot-agh", she yelled.

I swung her over my shoulder and spun around.

"I dare you to finish that sentence", I yelled.

She couldn't even reply. She was just giggling like crazy. The bell rung ending our day. I finally placed her down.

"You play to much", she said punching me.

I laughed. She pouted then grabbed her bag and walked away.

"Wait Brey you know I'm playing. I love you", I whispered in her ear, wrapping my arms from behind.

"Whatever", she mumbled, but I saw her holding back that smile.

I shook my head then pulled her to the gate. I was in front her now. With my arms still around her I leaned down and nibbled on her neck. She moaned lowly and I couldn't help but smile.

"I see you guys", Mia said coming up to us.

Aubrey pushed me away blushing and looking down.

"I'll see you at the party", she mumbled before rushing off.





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