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Eighteen years ago two mothers were over joyed with their pregnancies. Being best friends they decided to go the unusual route. Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet, the star crossed lovers. It's one of the most known plays. 

Why not name the children Romeo and Juliet? 

What these mothers didn't expect was their children growing up to hate one another. That wasn't written in their plan. 

Romeo Holts is the resident bad boy. A few tattoos, motorcycles, illegal boxing and some other things that add to his reputation. All the girls have the desire to touch that perfectly sculpted body. His bright blue eyes and black hair, give off that appearance. 

Juliet Montgomery is the resident good girl. Sure she's done some partying and maybe a few shots here and there. She tends to like everyone, never one to hate someone unless they seriously pissed her off. Especially that bad boy living next door. It's bad enough she has to see him for dinner every friday.

Maybe these two will fall in love. But as Juliet says over her dead body will she be in love with Romeo. Sounds ironic doesn't it.

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