Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

The whole way to my locker I thought about how Will helped me. I should’ve helped him. He is the new student after all. Will’s nice and cute. I know right where he’ll fit in; with all the other popular people.

I walked into the lunchroom and was greeted by conversation. The lunch line was long, really long. I pulled out my money and stepped into line.

The line moved up at a grueling pace and I watched as people laughed and talked with their friends. I remember my old friends, and I have Michael. Even though we never see each other. He promised he’d take me to lunch one of these days.

I was almost to the front of the line when Hailey came up to me. Where’s Lisa? They’re normally connected at the hip, unless they’re spending time with their boyfriends.

“They’re back together and he’s coming over tonight, that means that you need to find somewhere to go. Mom’s working and the guys are coming over. I will lock you out of the house if I need to.” I gave a nod.

“I’ll find something to do. Maybe I’ll stay late at the library or something.” Yeah and then I have to find a nice bench to sleep on tonight.

“Perfect. Bye,” she purred and then walked away.

I went back to focusing on the lunch line when I realized some jerk cut me. Best. Day. Ever. Not! I sighed and took my spot behind him. I waited and waited but the line didn’t move again.

“Oh sorry, are you in line? I’m just waiting for my friend.” I nodded and then stepped in front of him. My cheeks burned with embarrassment. The line was much shorter than it was before I talked to my sister, no doubt I probably would’ve gotten my food had I not thought the guy was in line.

I got my food and walked to my table in the corner. I ate my sandwich and watched the other people in the lunchroom. I found Will, he wasn’t where I thought he’d be. He was hanging with the hockey players. So he plays hockey? My mind wandered from him.

Where can I sleep tonight? Not the park, I’ve been kicked out of the park. Maybe I could sleep under the stairs at the rink. No, Dan probably wouldn’t like that. In the library. But they have a stupid closing time. Where?

By the time I finished my sandwich I still hadn’t thought of a place to stay. Then I remembered the wedding coming up soon. How am I going to afford a dress? Showing up in semi-formal clothes is not enough, not at a wedding.

I picked up my trash and threw it away as I walked towards the door. I’ll just ask Michael about it tonight. Michael! Maybe I can stay at his house or dorm or wherever he lives. But wouldn’t that be awkward? I’ll ask him about that too.

After school I followed the team into the rink and then walked towards the staircase. They all shuffled into the locker room. As I was about to take my usual spot a voice stopped me dead in my tracks.

“What are you doing here?” I spun around and found myself looking at Will. He was carrying a hockey stick and a large duffel bag.

“I uh, was just going to read.” Not a total lie.

“Underneath a staircase, in an ice skating rink? That doesn’t seem like the most logical thing.”

“I need somewhere to go, my home’s a little too filled at the moment.” He stood there and looked at me.

He shrugged and then walked into the locker room. That was so close, no one’s really supposed to know that I skate after the hockey players. I mean, Michael only knows because he use to be the guy that rode the Zamboni around. He tells me how he doesn’t miss that job.

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