3) Healing

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"Charles doesn't even play Quidditch."

It probably shouldnt be her priority, whether or not Charlie played the sport. But Quill knew he didn't. In fact she had offered to buy him a broom (his parents left a small fortune for Charlie before their death) during his last year.

But there was something worrying if a boy who was too much of a pacifist to even try out the game because it was 'violent', getting knocked out by a bludger.

"Well, he's in the hospital wing now anyway." Clara Oswald explained. The charms professor had a slightly worried expression. Most of the the teachers seemed to like Charlie. Properly because of his intelligence, although it could also be his manners. 

Quill picked up her black jacket (Muggle but very fashion forward) and headed towards the hospital wing. He would be fine, due to healing spells but exactly how Charlie had gotten involved in a Quidditch accident was a mystery Quill very much intended to solve.

Just as she'd predicted, Charlie was already sitting up, any bruises magically healed. His loyal Gryffindor sidekick was sitting on an uncomfortable looking chair, talking to him.

Good, April seemed to be stuck to Charlie since their first year. April would know what had gone on. In fact, if Quill couldn't get the information from April directly, the girl properly kept a glitter covered diary where she wrote Charlie's name in a heart. Even thinking about it made Quill feel sick.

"Nice to see you are, in fact, not bleeding to death." Quill said bluntly. She took in Charlie's appearance. Apart from his slightly more messy hair and his blue and bronze tie out of place, he barely looked scratched.

"I'm fine." Charlie told her. "It was an accident."

"You know she won't believe that." April hissed. She wasn't very subtle but at least the care bear was turning out to be useful.

"You're quite right Miss MacLean." Quill crossed her arms as April squirmed. It was a mystery why the girl was in Gryffindor when she couldn't handle a glare. "So, which one of you would like to tell me how young Charles took a bludger to the head?"

"It was all Ram's fault." April said, ignoring Charlie pleading looks.

"And what did Mr Singh do?" Ram getting in trouble wasn't new. But he did seem to actually like the pair. They were always together, a perfect little trio of house unity. It made her feel ill.

"He got in an argument with the Gryffindor team captain. Over Quidditch, of all things." April took a break from her explanation to sigh deeply. "And well... she didn't take it very well and aimed a bludger at us. Well mostly at Ram but she wasn't a great shot."

"And what is this captains name?" Quill asked.

"Lucy Might." April answered. Quill knew her. A tall sixth year, mousy hair, afraid of spiders. (Maybe Quill could leave one on the girls desk? Not a poisonous one, she remembered her last warning.)

"Anyway Lucy aimed it at us. Only Ram knocked me out the way. But it hit Charlie. And then Ram ran off." April let out a tiny huff. Her attempt at frustration was quite pitiful.

"And left Charles with his head bleeding out?" Ram would make a bad solider.

"But I'm fine now." Charlie interrupted. "I'll be out in ten minutes anyway."

"And to think I was worried." Quill was not worried. She was suspicious and in need of more information. That was all.

But there was no denying she was glad that Charlie was okay. Not that Quill would say that to him. Charlie didn't need to know she cared.

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