Chapter 8

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Sam cooks sausage & other food over a fire, climbing up onto a rock besides Frodo. The Fellowship is resting, scattered across the rocks, on an outstretched arm of the mountains. Boromir spars with Merry & Pippin, tutoring them on sword fighting. He battles with Pippin.

Boromir [to each move of the sword]: "Two, one, five. Good. Very good."

Aragorn sits nearby, watching, smoking a pipe.

Aragorn [encouraging]: "Move your feet."

Merry: "You look good, Pippin."

Pippin: "Thanks."

Boromir: "Faster!"

As the Hobbits spar with Boromir, Gimli approaches Gandalf.

Gimli: "If anyone was to ask for my opinion, which I note they're not, I'd say we were taking the long way round. Gandalf, we could pass through the Mines of Moria. My cousin, Balin, would give us a royal welcome."

Gandalf takes a pipe he was smoking from his mouth. Faint surprise registers in his eyes.

Gandalf: "No Gimli, I would not take the road through Moria unless I had no other choice."

Noticing something amiss, Legolas leaps up onto a rock & looks intently south. Boromir continues to fight Pippin.

Boromir: "Come on. Good."

The man accidentally nicks Pippin's hand.

Pippin: "Aaaah!"

Boromir: "Sorry!"

Pippin kicks Boromir on the shin & the man falls, surprised rather than pained.

Boromir: "Ahh!"

Merry: "Get him!"

Boromir goes down in a mock battle. Boromir & Aragorn laugh with the Hobbits.

Pippin: "For the Shire! Hold him! Hold him down! Merry!"

Aragorn walks over to them.

Aragorn [smiling]: "Gentlemen, that's enough."

He lays a hand on either Hobbit's shoulder. Pippin & Merry grab his legs, pulling him down on his back. Sitting on the ground, Raiden on the rock above her, Miyuki watches the scene in amusement.

Pippin: "You've got my arm... you've got my arm!"


Boromir: "Forgive my question, my lady, but do you know how to use that sword?"

Miyuki looks up to see Boromir standing before her. His expression told her all that he was thinking. He had not voiced his opinion in Rivendell but it was clear, even if she was the Dragon Master, he doubted her ability. Was it because she was female?

Miyuki [icy]: "Of course I know how to use my sword. Do you think I only carry it for decoration?"

Boromir [doubtful]: "Really? I have not known women to wield swords."

Miyuki's eyes flashed & Raiden snarls softly at the insult to his mistress. As he makes to move, Miyuki raises her hand & Raiden stops.

Legolas: "I would not antagonise her, Boromir. I have seen her wield that blade & she is an excellent swordswoman."

Hopping down from the rock, Legolas walks over.

Legolas: "If I were to judge, her skill is superior to yours. You would be no match for her."

Boromir [angry]: "Why should I listen to you? Is it not within my rights to ask her to show me?"

Aragorn [calm]: "I would like to ask as well."

Aragorn walks over. He smiles at Miyuki.

Aragorn: "To have an elf give such high praise, I am curious as to how skilful you are."

Miyuki [smile]: "Well, if you put it like that..."

She stands, picking up her katana.

Miyuki: "...I don't mind showing you."

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