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*Simon's POV*

It's been 746 days since she left.

I've been sober for 746 days,

and I've been absolutely insane for the last 746 days.

I finished school, I moved
and was forced to move on.

They think it's so easy. Asking me to go out and have fun all the time.

But ever since Sunnie died, I couldn't easily go anywhere.

I've become insanely mature.

And when they mention her name, I run away.

Her name sounds filthy when anyone says it. Even when I do, and she didn't deserve that, she still doesn't.

She still visits me in my dreams every night, talking to me about parallel universes.

But they're all lies.

No parallel universe would continue, knowing she is dead.

A different world could't continue without such a beauty on earth.

My world still can't.

It's all a lie.

There are no parallel universes. Just realities we're forced to meet every single day.

The universes are in our heads.

Amd everything we imagine is a universe itself.

Sunnie is still my universe.

I remember her every summer, but also every winter.

The feeling of guilt is still ruining me.

The pain will maybe fade away,

but I'll always remember Sunnie Mellow.

The girl that had the warmest cold heart.

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